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Caption Competition
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Breaking news: ''Heikki Kovalainen scared by his own hand!''
"Who of you fags put majonese on my wheel?!"
"What do you mean I'm not getting paid?!"
Engage Light Speed Mr Spock

Kinda reminded me of the spock hand sign
Oh no, I smudged the phone number of that hot pit girl!
My Caption: "I'm drowning in this bloody car, was Kimi this fat??"

Aaand winner is me! No

Quote from ACCAkut :no wonder this thread dies so often if 80% of the pics are F1 drivers with a weird expression [/I]

You are right, lets make the quality better,

Timo, you can do it now

Quote from Stig209 :"Dude, I see my thumb in two!"

Okay here u go!
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"excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about jesus christ"
Go Pro's weren't always practical
They needed a close up of his face for the money shot.
State of the art safety equipment allows this cameraman an impecable shot of the undertray of an f1 car as his support line frays.
This should be a good position to record drivers reaction when crashing hard
"go pro, the original hero"
THIS was one of the first Bernie Ecclestone stupidities in F1...

Here is one weird guy from Lithuania.

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I have a disease of cramped fingers, therefore I must wear this medical mask.
where the bitches at
I wear the mask so the people posting below don't catch my sense of humour.
My honey Gaga will be here any minute.
Don't you know who the **** I am? My name is Laurynas and you sit the **** down
can i pick up the bitches over there?
I be wearin my olympics jacket here in china with my anti smog mask on.
sorry im not online too often any more

anyways (hope it doesnt have to be car related):

could turn out nice

EDIT: if i dont pick in the next couple days, feel free to vote on it, and the next can just go.

Caption Competition
(4255 posts, started )