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Caption Competition
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"Whats that Seb? I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome i am!"

You can't worry about the future, just worry about the now.

"Chin hair? What chin hair?"
"Oh no.. use th br... noo! please guys wa.. NOOOO!"
"Webber stands too near Jonathan Legard"
"You're serious about the glue on my fingers?"
"Webber couldn't believe how shocking his singing was on the Canberra Milk advert..."
Red Bull star Mark Webber seen trying out new aerodynamic revalations in the hope to reduce stray pockets of FIA bullshit polluted air.
Since the accident which resulted in the earplug becoming lodged in Webbers ears, he has to go to extreme measures to tune into the teams pit radio frequency
Quote from rich uk :"Webber stands too near Jonathan Legard"

Winner, plain, simple, true.
I have WHAT in my ears?
I know the winner has already been announced but what the hell..

"More silly new rules and regulations Bernie!? Not listening... NOT LISTENING! LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LALALALALAAAA"
"giving head is kinda like this.."
"Someone gimme a hot shot!"


"I came."
Ferrari reveal their new addition for their website subscribers.

"Ferrari F1 fetish porn."
"Two teammates, one mouth"
Ferrari are proud to welcome a new sponsor aboard by unveiling promotional pictures with Evian
Photoshop, making spitters swallow since 1990
I choose you, SQUIRTLE!
Shut up and obey the team orders next time!
Oh wow.

Best i could come up with.

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )