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fisi: hm, it's better than any seats!
schumi: is he gay?
Quote from tikshow :fisi: hm, it's better than any seats!
schumi: is he gay?

Has LFSN00b been giving you caption lessons??
Formula 1 test's out success balast.
"I couldn't face the long walk to the paddock... I wonder if he will notice.."
It was a close decision but Hyperactive gets the Win.
Quote from Hyperactive :"Don't cut that kerbbbbbbhhhh arrrggghroaaarrrrwwwiiiiiiiii!"

Cough Cough Hyper
Edit; bummer. I missed it
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FIA insists no viagra to be taken before races
Deciding to launch the new dragster space shuttle during a race weekend proved hazardous (Deja vu anyone?).

Wheelie quick dragster race (yes, I've been taking lessons from LFSNoob too ).
Dragster regrets not buying wheelie bars.
Vertical for style - not sideways.
Pimp your dragster today with our hydraulics pack.
'Nope doesn't work in a drag car either, I will stick to karting'
"We have successfully removed all drag from the front tires, however our aerodynamics are some what compromised."
"Rival teams' helium balloon practical joke proves easy to spot"
Rear engines : No way, no how, it'll never work.
Obvious Jumpstart.
The driver took the instruction "get a good launch off the line", slightly more seriously than intended.
Quote from Madman_CZ :"Ferrari test out controversial new aero dynamic package"

picking up on this one
"dont move or we´ll be banned"
Richard Hammond gives it another go....
Best one
Quote from nihil :Richard Hammond gives it another go....

Your turn

I liked Highsider9's line too but he has "won" at least once already

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )