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Without MSA approval there is ambiguity over racing rules
"Damn you Scawen, where's the reset button when i need one!!"

But, that doesn't look good, if the guy injured himself, ignore my post..
'Drivers were confused about which direction to go, some more than others'
"Maybe banger racing with karts wasnt such a good idea."

Im still influenced by the first "Get Wrecked" meeting which just finished.
"send me that wheelie setup plz thx"
I said I reckoned the karts would handle better WITH an lsd, not ON it!
"#12 Drove into a restricted area. #12 fined!
Deciding to launch the new kart space shuttle during a race weekend proved hazardous.
They said i should use my Head in T1.
Fisichella getting a birds-eye view of the track. Schumacher playing at tour-guide
This road trip is meant to be fun and all I've heard from you is complaints, "why couldn't we bring a bigger car", "can I have a crash helmet too?", "there's bugs in my face". Why can't you just relax and enjoy the scenery!
"Don't cut that kerbbbbbbhhhh arrrggghroaaarrrrwwwiiiiiiiii!"
A little bit of sugar, a couple of potatoes, and some water... that should slow him down... Now, about getting off?!?!?!
Michael (as Todd from Scrubs): "Formula 1 airbox high five!"

"The closest Fisi can ever hope to get to a Ferrari F1 drive."

"Michael Schumacher and Giancarlo Fisichella try to emulate their favourite racing game: Mario Kart Double Dash"
"For the first time i'm standing higher than Schumacher".

Lame :worried:
Fisichella trialing a new custom view.
"Get off Fisi, you played too much Mario Kart - Double Dash last night"
Quote from ACCAkut :"Get off Fisi, you played too much Mario Kart - Double Dash last night"

Thievery I say
"Ferrari test out controversial new aero dynamic package"

@ Hyperactive: :ices_rofl
giddie up michael!

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )