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Nazi's to the left of me, Nazi's to the right, Here i am, stuck in the middle with you.
Hail me...For I have sock in my pants
'Bow down to me, My e-Penis is Way bigger then yours'
"Yeah, Baby."
I need a huuuuug
Quote from Greboth :Nazi's to the left of me, Nazi's to the right, Here i am, stuck in the middle with you.

And this is how you pee!!

looks like he pissed himself
Heres mine then, im sure everyone seen the picture before but im awaitin the comments for it.
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Moooommmmm! My Trike Broke!!
And now... what cable should I connect next?

It's magic, he sawed me in half! I can see my legs!
"El oh el, i can see my feet".
Happy feet!

White socks mean bad sex!
"aww mum, why did you give me white socks, they make my jack-ups obvious"
"should have bought the fu***ng mclaren"
'/me runs away'
I knew I should have taken that six months free road assistance.

Should have kept the damn manual!
Driver to pits: "Err, I think somethings wrong with the car, it's not handling right"

"I'm telling you, there was half a car here a second ago!"
It looks like one of those hair dressers chair for kids.
"I told them to take off some wing, not the whole front end!"
"is this thing got 5 stars at ncap? wtf?!"
"When I get out of this ... rather uncomfortable contraption, I'm going to SUE the assmunch that told me to stamp the brake pedal at T1!"
WOW this new chair is really comfy
He may look uncomfortable, but he won by half a car-length.
Here you go:
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Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )