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"Middle aged man tries to have sex with his car believing it's a space ship."
just another demo racer :/
that bloke is saying: "hahahaha look at what that idiot has done to his car!"
"Ride my Pimp"
"I found the alien spaceship! I'm really clever!!"
"I wonder what happens if I stick this on my car and press this button...?"
'Its almost as cool as my ponytail!'
Just when you thought your overwhelming urge to kill someone couldn't get any greater..
Tired of T1 noobs Scrawen allows weaponry in the Y patch ..........
Guy: "my back to the future" car version
"Damn, there is no emoticon to express how cool this car is".
c'mon a declare a winner!!
'When rice goes wrong,When is it ever right '
"Hi humans, i come in peace."
Oh gosh

A win on my first attempt

Have fun with this one.
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Man: "My car handles like a dog, now it can look like one too." Wife: "You have the car like me, chained to your desires"
FFS someones nicked my "V Dub Badge" Bstards Is'nt anything safe anymore !!!
"4nd Wh3n ! pr355 t3h N4W2 t3h ch4!n br34kz0rz!"
I really love my car, i like to chain it up and . . .
Quote from hrtburnout :"4nd Wh3n ! pr355 t3h N4W2 t3h ch4!n br34kz0rz!"

Quote from Hyperactive :You will only get this tree over my dead chassis!

You will only get this tree over my dead chassis!
Must be gone in 60 seconds type neighbourhood, no one obviously told him that his ride isn't an exotic....
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"VW launch their new car, the Jetta Goth mk1"

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )