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''The Jim Beam team's attempt to plant a bomb through the passenger side window of their opponent's car wasn't exactly stealthy...''
and the winner of National Air-Guitar 2007 is..........
"grrrrr arrghhhh! (with all his effort) take this"
Niko rants at driver after he crashed into him with his moped!

(sorry niko)
Quote from bbman :The european rookie driver reacted quite angered to his car's inability to turn right...

no one put a pic, so im gonna put something
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"while there looking at the cake ill take the trophy hehehehehe"
"this will be so funny he'll be like "omg where did i put the trophy?" i swear it will be funny"
"my God Massa Is Sexy!!!!!"
Does my bum look big in this?


Guess not.
Today even Santa Claus isn't the same anymore.
"Let's see... I stood on the podium, I took the trophy, I opened the champagne... but... where did I leave my keys?"
Sings "Hey Ho, Hey Ho, It's off to the trophy room I go"
My precioussssss
Quote from xaotik :"Let's see... I stood on the podium, I took the trophy, I opened the champagne... but... where did I left my keys?"

it's left but i know what you mean, that made me laugh so it's the winner!
I had post this in a different thread (one of the F1 race threads I think) but since we're at it maybe we can do a Fernando trilogy.

PS: @chanoman it would be 'left' if the sentece was "but where have I left my keys" - otherwise "where did I leave my keys" stands
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WARNING, controversial post ahead!

"Fernando was already getting good practice holding out the trophy he would lose to a kid and the man with the rigid face."
well you got to start as a loser in the championship someday.. just not all the time
"Now for all my japanese fans: its ALonso, not Aronso! With an L!"
And for Christmas I got...
When he saw the cameraman's hiney he laughed and took the green LoL plate
And to this very day, that L-Plate can be found on Kazuki Nakajima Williams. Well it explains the poor parking in the pits.
A Fernando Alonso lookalike who has just managed to learn to drive (at least he's better than his look-alike! ) manages to convince 3 people on the LFS Forum that he is, actually Fernando Alonso.
Fernando Learns to drive.... it doens't matter though, he already knew how to be a baby.
Who's posting next then?

I thought I'd better bring it back onto the first page again!!

Caption Competition
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