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"Who said Flatout 2 was an unrealistic game!"


"These marshalls have seen it all before, one is more interested in the blonde girl in the low cut top standing behind the camera man, the other is busy eating his lunch...the new guy over reacted a bit though"


Superman Could not handle the situation and flew away.
Superman goes to India.

OT: Inside jokes are the best aren't they Zeug. :P
"Wouldn't have happened if he weared some earmuffs like his pal on the left."
"It`s going Doooooown! I`m out of here!"
Quote from Origamiboy :''Lewis may have grown his hair and dressed in casual clothes to blend in, but Fernando wasn't fooled that easily..''

Yay! Thanks

Lets see what you can come up with for this...
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"Don't do that, you silly!"
This wasn't exactly what Schumacher meant, when he said to Bernie, that they could be friends.
"Schumacher: We have to stop meeting like this" (pic was posted already I think)
Bernie: "Smile for the cameras or I'll squeeze!"
"Schumacher unperturbed when Bernie cops a feel"
Eccleston likes a bit of German Sausage from time to time.
Bernie's shortness becomes more apparent when schumacher sat down is still taller.
Bernie: I thought you told me it was bigger, more like a frankfurter...

I tried....i failed
Ferrari said they have the best package this Season, let's see if they are correct.
"Woa where is his left hand going?"
My precious! Mine! All mine!
FIA - Feeling Intimate Area's.
You pedophilic! Leave me!! :weeping:
After hearing that F1 'requires balls', Bernie was keen to test the theory
Moto GP for this one.
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Caption Competition
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