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heres a pic !
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How am I supposed to drive like this; chop me arms of, Woman?
#53 - joen
"Where's that damn reset button"
'Mark Webber the early years: ADRIAN THIS KART IS TOO SMALL!'
"we measure engines but the amount of mid aged men we can fit in them"

isn't mitsubishi meant to have sumo's for their advertising in that case "sumo's in training"
omg..... just for you Tristan, posh bastad!!!

As for the new picture....
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#57 - Rish
I've sooo gotta save up for S2
"when size acctually does matter"
#59 - mr_x
"they said they could fit me in, but can they get me out?"
#60 - axus
LFSn00b, you've made 4 posts in this thread so far. It's almost impressive that not a single one has been funny so far.
"I drive like a white guy"

For Tristan's pic: "Where's me helmet?"
#62 - axus
Come on, guys, it's not too difficult to remember that you actually have to visit the thread again and say who won. This thread could be a good laugh

Here's a new pic. Yes, this is from mph07, here in SA..
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Dentistry: For when you get a tow hook in your mouth.
Naughty Spanky
#67 - axus
Uhoh... well, actually, you don't see it in that pic, but that car is sponsored by teazers which is a South African strip club.
Gives a whole new meaning to the word "blower"...
#69 - mr_x
Ferrari discover a new way of winning. By eating the competition.
#70 - axus
Quote from mr_x :Ferrari discover a new way of winning. By eating the competition.

Assuming that Spanky's counts as a caption, we now have 5, and the win goes to mr_x.
#71 - mr_x
ok then, here's mine...
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"Beans Means Heinz"
"One flame grilled husband. . . oh . . . ermmm . . .you didnt want . . .we will just get you another one"
"Someone's been on the curry..."
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Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )