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The police is searching for new recruits, preferably with a stuntman background, to put their new high-speed chase tactics into action...
This thread is dying...?

Happened about 30 mins ago in Le Mans
The team thought that the car needed a wig, to help with aerodynamics
"... the race marshals are not yet sure if the new way of carrying replacement tyres is appropriate for the racing series, after they deemed tyre changes on pitstops too 'mainstream' "

1000th reply :-Þ
'Porsche model new hairpiece'

Porsche was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for tyre theft.
"Not sure if the R2 slicks will last through the race, better have some backup just in case."
porshes new tube aero packages turned out to be better than intially expected
Sorry hunny, I will be ready in a minute. I just need to take these curlers off.
"New! Speedy tire delievery system! We've redone our system to go as fast as a Le Mans series car! Call 1-800-Tires22 today!"

Bumper cars; LeMans style.
Laugh all you want! At least I'm prepared for when I flip again this year!
I'm so tyred after lugging around these all day!

(come on, someone had to do it)
"Well, atleast we won't run out of spare tires this year" :P
"For the next year the team will switch to the Porsche Panamera 4-seater, and start performing in-race tire changes from the backseats."
"We are on your trakz stealing your barriers! YERRR!"
"The crowd quickly got bored of making fun of the small boy who looked like the michelin man, they had something better to make fun of."


"For an added advantage this year, the Porsche team have added "Horse holders" so they can harness an extra 7 Horsepower."


"The red and white barriers of doom left the Porsche team reather bewildered. So naturally, then got the early christmas present from Race Control."
"FIA's new rule, Pick tires up and save money"
Quote from VTiRoj :Porsche was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for tyre theft.

You took too long, soooooo...
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"Ha ha!" (Nelson from Simpsons voice)
"Look! this is the dude who crashed, oh poor baby oh:haha::hihi: "
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"Restart plz some n00b took my bike"
"Just up the road on the left, better bring your own paper"

Caption Competition
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