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*crying childish voice*"Mamaaaaaa!!!"
''who needs motor bikes ? Let's run bitchezz!''
I'm a velociraptor.
''Bike's out, I must continue by foot''
Ay, then lets have at it.
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''Look at me !! Ain't I sexy ?''
Todays aerodynamic lesson: The front splitter

that mustache
'Somehow I have managed to delay looking old. In reality I have good genes.'
(c) Michael Schumacher
"I use my F1 car to lure little children."
"hey, i mustache you a question!"
"Yeah, I drink coffee every morning. Why?"
have you been working on your fitness?
Queue corny joke: fitndeez nuts in yo mouth
lets roll!

Excuse me, I just queefed.
After recent Mercedes-Benz works teams budget cuts drivers are now forced to wear ill fitting underpants.
Hamilton take a poop, later used as Pirelli tyre.
''Maaaaan .... Roscoe did you poop again ?''
''... And then Grosjean said he was a clean racer''
protein fart

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )