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Caption Competition
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Taco Bell + chilli fart.
uhm.. Who will post a pic ? O.o
I will since it's my turn.

I don't think that looks right.
I'm gonna kill that idiot named Grosjean, vittu!
"saanko harjata hampaasi penikselläni?"
(Speed Senna) DELETED by Speed Senna
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"and you call that a penis?"
srsly..... If you ask me we should post captions to the already posted pic cause you didn't move your arse 1 week (I am not good with time lol)

P.S. : ''Wtf ... Why did it go in reverse ? O.o''
Something went wrong over here. I think we can go further with the Nissan pic, to avoid further confusion. Right?
How about no.
Omar's pic:

Now this is drifting.
''Get on my horse, my horse is amazing''
"when his parents said he was going to become a rider.. i dont think he quite knew what they meant"
Horse: "Please kill me"
kawasaki? nope. kawahorsey.
white ferrari

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )