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That has not gone well!!
I told you duct tape wouldn't hold it together...
"Well at least I can get out of the car two ways now......"
"Guys, I promise, all I did was fart."
"I know F1 is all about saving weight but what the hell?"
Now ill just sit back, plug in my G27 and get on with the new racing seat..
"The pre-race curry was a spectacularly bad move."

I gotta go so I'll let the next person post a picture.
Quote from ACCAkut :"I know F1 is all about saving weight but what the hell?"

Since you're the runner up, you post next pic.
in that case:

Quote from ACCAkut :in that case:

Say hello to my little friend! *removes helmet, to reveal a second*
"Yes that's a helmet. Why are you asking?"
Yes, I might drive a million dollar cars for shits and giggles, But in the real world, I have to drive my wife's eco destroying van.

Yeah, Life's a Stig.
Invisible handbrake.
"I don't have my seatbelt fasted and all, but, most importantly, I am carrying a helmet in my hand, so I'll be totally safe."
"Yeah I know, black suit, white helmet, don't ask."
"My other car's a whatever the hell I want it to be"
"Since I don't have any toilet facilities, I use my helmet"

Meh, bad pic.
What crash was that from anyway?
The Gumball 3000 was never the same after global economic recession.
Thanks for noticing the size of my helmet and yes it has always been white.
Quote from mutt107 :What crash was that from anyway?

Dunno, there was alot of GP's Scott Speed crashed at.
Ford opting to utilise the trusty Transit for the upcoming WRC season.
*Hammond voice* "Touring car legend, a bloke in a van."

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )