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Caption Competition
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"Meanwhile on team Block..."
Kenny boy's just tryin' too dang hard, dagnabbit...
Woot! Ok, Here goes:

Radical cost-cutting measures to be taken from the Spanish Grand Prix on.
The Libyan Grand-Prix will not be held next weekend due to minor constructional issues.
What, Never seen a Ferrari on a tow truck before?
"The latest creation from NISMO carried on a tow truck made by clothing line Haynes....."
Huh? Did you call me?
"Wait for me!"

Second pic from here.
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*Waves to the queen*
Quote from amp88 :
Second pic from here.

Gotta give it to you for the effort aswell as the punchline.
I can't find any funny pictures; someone else can take my turn
And on the right, you have throttle..
Haha just like i didn't know ****ing retard..
"I wanna stand with you on a mountain..."
"I didn't know Formula 1 cars had gear knobs....... oh wait"
"Pre-race rituals taking place... "

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )