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"Got booze?"
Yes, right there.
Heehee, it tickles!
A pit stop with a happy end
Whilst the Minardi was famously easy on it's tyres, only needing new ones after half an hour, the same could not be said for the driver's underwear.
Minardi (seen here) are struggling with money, and this picture confirms the sale of a male prostitute as the clients are trying out the hardware as part of their "Try b4 U buy." policy.
Oh how smart of you - please tell me more.
"'re good with your hands"
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Sadly I'm not allowed to choose the winner.
I posted picture, but amp88 still should choose winner, so I can enter my caption tooo

"Engineers in these days"
lol let's do this again! (who's turn it is anyway?)
Guys, is it getting hot in here?
Quote from ACCAkut :

"See that, Frank? That's why we don't order spare parts from Ebay."
Lame but anyways:

"The number 58 rider is on fire today ladies and gentlemen"
Quote from ACCAkut :

ladies and gentlemen, Our special racer, !!!!GHOOOOOSSSST RIDEEEER!!!!.
Quote from ACCAkut :

(Talking to the mechanic) "Nice job turning my bike into a rocketship, but for future reference, I do not need an autodestruct device, got it?"
"Did i forgot to put fuel in, let's see, darn it's, where did i put my matches..."
Guess he was ready for his hotlap.
.... "****".
"Rider in the inside lane gets off to a frying start!"

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )