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Caption Competition
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"Getting into the first prototype of Fiat 500 required a ladder."
Thought of another one

Spy shots of Fiats new technology to reduce tyre wear.

Quote from spankmeyer :Suits the pic nicely (despite the tree in the background) so you win teh prize.

And we didn't have to suffer through a single one LFSn00b post.

Better dont read who posted 30 minutes before you.
(Rish) DELETED by Rish : late post
Noddy & Big Ears were really enjoying their first road rally......
Sorry guys, I missed the post saying I'd won

Again, someone else can take my turn, I can't find anything funny.
uhh, not trying to hijack anything but.

Come on honey just wait until we arrive home! get off of me.
"53: If I just ignore him he will go away"

"Guy in background: BLUE FLAG! MOVE OVER!"
Green one : "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Dontchaaaaaa!?"
Group hug :lovies3d:
The syamese motorcycle, ridden by the three headed giant of Monty Python fame, wasn't what the designers had hoped.
where the hell are we ?
i dont know stop and ask for directions back to the sidecar race
men dont need directions !
bad tackle by number 38, the ball was already gone for ages, that smells like red.
Number 38 was always described as a low-down racer...trying to undercut the competition
Bikes #53 and #38 have just passed the 3rd place rider for the 6th time. They're incredible dual-action turning technique enables them to take corners at double the speed.
Not going to make it, fair.
Get off my line! :bump:
Building an electromagnet the size of Swindon had seemed like a such a good idea in the pub....
I'm telling you, there was a big fly on you.
"The race aftermath became heated after officials disqualified the winner #53 for unicycling through the whole race on his front wheel.

On further notice, the science community was clueless how the driver managed to power his rear-wheel driven motorcycle."

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )