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Marshall: "Har, and you call us Japanese guys short, pee wee!"
Hey, pull my finger!
"Excuse me, could you point me to my bike? I seem to have lost it anywhere."
FIA introduce extra safety measures in London Marathon after a few cuts and bruises last year.
Quote from sgt.flippy :Hey, pull my finger!


Quote from deggis :"Ha ha!" (Nelson from Simpsons voice)

Runner up!
Oxygen - Good
Nitrogen - Better
Helium - Silly

(reference to tyre gas)
"LFS hits USA market. Preview shot of the new NASCAR going through Aston Mini-Eau Rouge with modified deserted look textures."
"I reckon we should soften the springs, there still might be a ride height problem."
"After a few near-accidents while experimenting with right turns, NASCAR officials decided sticking exclusively to left turns would be safer for all involved."

(Yes, yes. I know they turn right dozens of times during the season, don't ruin the joke! :tilt
I told you it turns left fine and will for 500 laps but it just doesn't handle good turning right.
[Potentially offensive joke to Americans without a sense of humour]
After running out of Americans stupid enough to volunteer to go to war in Iraq the US Army had to turn to the next most stupid bunch of people they could find...
[/Potentially offensive joke to Americans without a sense of humour]
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VTEC just kicked in, yo!

Probably way overplayed but oh well.
U.S. Army's new take on patrolling high-risk Iraqi neighborhoods
US Armys image hosting goes tits up!!!

DNS Error now
"stickers give you wings"
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Quote from wsinda :U.S. Army's new take on patrolling high-risk Iraqi neighborhoods

Didn't find anything really breathtaking funny, but out of all I pick this one
OK, we just had the 24h, so...
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"The Viper was the widest car on the track at the time, so rather than go around, he tried to go over!"

Or, Knightrider stylee:

"Turbo Boost FTW"
This new slotcar is total crap!
theres a lot of lag
Quote from deggis :fits this one too

So it does

"thar seems to be a porblem"


"The ricer flyby, only real racers do it this hardcore"

Caption Competition
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