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Tough luck, mein bitch.
Rubens, Michael has the ball. Confirm you understand.
Rubens and Michael developed unorthodox ways of deciding who would concede the next race win to who.
Rubens insisted that the dodgeball teams were slightly biased.

(image link is dead, it was Webber with his hands together as if he was praying)
"How I got that butthole-chin?"
"Dear Kangaroo God, I know this is asking much but puhleaase give me just one win this season."
COmpletely OTT, but aren't those hands a bit hairless considering how much facial hair the guy has?
hours before Vettles gearbox problem..
Quote from Franky.S :hours before Vettles gearbox problem..

It's been a while and it would suck to see this thread die (again), so go ahead.
But if you don't have a picture ready, here's my suggestion.

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Whoa, I'm glad I can see those amazing tits through my new binoculars
Villeneuve: "Three bottles please waiter!"
Hill: What the **** is this shit!?
Quote from Gills4life :Hill: What the **** is this shit!?

okay, you go ahead (since franky.s couldn't be arsed to take over). Make us laugh. Hard.
GO GO Gadget Jetpack!
*Camera turns into slowmotion* I believe I can flyyy...
**** this, I'm out!
"thunderbirds are go"
The moment when Maserati (or any other italian team) realised that putting one of their manequins as a replacement for their driver was a mistake.
"Damn you Blue Spiked Turtle Shell!"
The American Stig at work.
Flatout: 1960s
Make your dummies do highjump, bowling an more!
"Where the **** is parachute"

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )