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Quote from Bose321 :"Ewww, your hands are touching my laptop! So dirty!"

This is the winner for me
Watching that time where Stifler tried to hide that "chocolate truffle" from Jim's mother-in-law...

EDIT: Ninja'd, crap!
Alonso touring Ferrari's nuclear arms testing facility.
Alonso hoped his urine sample came back negative while on his birth control pill.
"I slip this in Massa's coffee, puts about 3 tenths on his qualifying time"
Alonso in Ferrari genome testing facility - working on the Massa gene, finds strange results that Massa has the genome of a 12 year old school boy.
"Hope Bear Grylls will like me now."
This is CSI: Forsure
More capshuns please guys!
IMO the real mystery there is how he made all those dishes levitate.
Quote from Franky.S :reaction after watching 2 girls 1 cup.

ROFL, I expected someone to say something like that
Quote from Rappa Z :IMO the real mystery there is how he made all those dishes levitate.

Not a caption really but I think you've won.
Ay, well then lets try this on for size (no pun intended).
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About to cum....

And so this takes my piss away? cool.
Meanwhile, David Coulthard finally managed to beat Raikkonen to the WC.
"and this tube leads to Davids car?"
Kimi - "What? Someone else already posted this picture in this thread? If that's true then I have an elephants trunk for a penis!"
"It ain't gonna suck itself"
"What do you mean: Elifants don't look like this?"
Durex Ribbled: "Extra pleasure, extra Kimi"
I don't want to pick the winner so whoever posts next can pick the winner. No pocking youself though!
"I will tzrow zis ball against ze head"

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )