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Smile Lewis, I want to be able to show my children a picture of the best McLaren driver in 2007.
*if i take this picture at about 4 Megapixels it should be just about big enough for my dart board!
"These new phones we got from Vodafone are great, they even send you technical information on the Ferrari's"


"Hey Lewis look at this, the idiots at Vodafone gave us Schumacher and Massa's old phones! Lets prank call Jean Todt!"
The obvious spying related one:

"Hey Pedro! You got a message!"

And the obvious race related one:

"You know - it's sort of sad Benetton isn't around anymore. We'd of made a great billboard."
''The new Vodaphone McLaren edition. So good, even a twat can use it...''
"The newest phone from Nextel! Comes with a free McLaren Team Wallpaper!"

Edit: Lol, I thought the phone was facing the other direction xD
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"I don't care if he smiles, I'll cut this picture in photoshop"
"If you smile Alonso, i bet you Dennis would prefer you, do it for the team "
"my boyfriend is gonna be soooo jelous i got a picture with you"
Now which button was the acid sprayer ?
Thats over a day - can i post another one now?

Go on - be creative - i know its similar to the V8 supercar one before - which i won!
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Pink elephants like to walk in sticky banana juice while on holiday...oh and theres some blokes standing in a line...hahaha
J@tko - fair enuf - too slow

Kellogs - got milk.

So how come I get to look like a dick with sponsership, maybe I look too Village People with the mo. ?
As the motorsports latest attempt at breaking into the top 40 charts sets off, 1 band member cant help but think that he didn't get the memo on costumes
Natural born Nascar drivers can only look to the left.
When the theft of the blueprints was discovered, the police were quick to round up the usual suspects.
''It wasn't Tom Selleck's lucky day. If being given the Kelloggs suit wasn't enough, he could swear that the DuPont guy was feeling his arse...''
(1st guy)"i dont get it we just stand here a people take photo's? but we are not in a car i dont understand?"

(2nd guy)"just stand there and you get paid for it"

(1st guy)" ohh paid .... everyone smile now! There Gonna give us money!!

(everyone else) YAY MONEY!!
Quote from Racer X NZ :J@tko - fair enuf - too slow

Kellogs - got milk.

So how come I get to look like a dick with sponsership, maybe I look too Village People with the mo. ?

Oh - sorry about butting in!
"Guy 4th from the front to the guy at the back: I will eat that guys 'tash if someone comes up with a funny caption for this picture"
First guy from right to left "God... Do It quick I wanna poo"
First guy on left says " Your really gonna have to hurry up and take this picture coz i really mus dash"

(lame i know)
guy a few yards away - "Alright, just line the truck up, if we take em all out now we wont have any competition next season"
They all conceil their identity with their glasses. Suspicious.

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )