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LFS TV Director, Release 0.3
hello community,

everyone was asking for onboard cameras... here they are.

with kind regards
Soeren Scharf


24.05.2008, Version 0.3:
- custom cams (onboard, front and rear cam) added
- added option to disable overlay output (driver info, race time/laps, standings...)
- added alias file for driver names
- fixed bug: tvdirector did not save cam files, when changes were made in GUI
- fixed bug: handling of driver change (IS_TOC)

27.12.2007, Version 0.2:
- insim support for Patch X and later
- devided the application into 2 separate executables (GUI and Control)
- GUI lets you control cameras manually (useful for professional broadcasters)
- action detection completely rewritten (still based only on distance but in a much smarter way)
- output of standings, driver information and lapcount or left racetime

14.03.2007, Version 0.1:
- new GUI
- handle all tracks
- insim port configurable
- possibility to connect to a remote LFS
- frontend to create/modify cam files

22.10.2006, Version 0.0 (Demo):
- first test version
- just a study to test feasibility
- worked only with BL1
- all values hardcoded
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OMG! Thx Man!
Yea worked great. Waiting for all tracks version.
yeah this is a pretty nifty tool.

Is it possible to setup your own positions for the camera and what that camera would do?
it says type command line [...] where do i do that? i'd like to try it out.
Quote :it says type command line [...] where do i do that? i'd like to try it out.

It would also be possible to start lfs and press button "t" to type a chat message and then write "/insim=32300" (without the ") into the chat message. After doing this you should see a "hello lfs..." message.
Preview video would be nice.

Btw, does this has to be used when LFS is in windowed mode? Similar program called "noobTV" has that drawback, I haven't tried this either but afaik LFS had be in windowed mode because otherwise you couldn't see the camera editing interface.

noobTV: ... &highlight=tvdirector
#8 - Jakg
Quote from deggis :Preview video would be nice.

Btw, does this has to be used when LFS is in windowed mode?

@Soeren Scharf
Good job ! I would love to see a version which lets you set up your own cameras with an easy interface within LFS ( like making routes for bot's in CS 1.5 with PODBot). BTW this tool kinda looks like a mixture of noobTV & some kind of "action detector"
well it isnt at all bad, although my game stutters alot when recording, it turns out ok on the final vid. I dont limit my fps when recording... (i get about 25 fps in lfs when recording) that comes out to about 30 fps on the avi.
How do i get back to the original shiftU layout after i've typed in the insim. I'm now stuck with the director.
Quote from nutty boy :How do i get back to the original shiftU layout after i've typed in the insim. I'm now stuck with the director.

from the documentation insim.txt, there is the following description:

"You can shut down InSim completely and stop it listening at all by typing in
/insim=0 into the connected LFS."
It's not working.

I'm typing that and it's still in director mode.
Do I have to have director open whilst typing it for InSim to restart.
Nice tool... Makes watching replays less boring.

I have a couple of feature requests, though... Hope you don't mind positive feedback

- Externally loaded track cams, so we can create our own trackside cams.
- More cameramovement. Even though it's a 1000% improvement over the 'perfect focus' in-game cams, it still looks a bit too perfect to look real.
- Carfocus override. I saw the leader for a grand total of 25 seconds. I would like to be able to switch to the leader with a single button.
- Fight focus, instead of car focus. It looks at a car, rather than a couple of cars, while when there's a fight on the television they'll focus the cam in between the cars or move back and forth between them.
- Avi export (hehe, probably beyond the scope of what you're doing). Freeze the replay (can be done in insim), and export each individual frame to an AVI stream.
@ nutty

1: open the director
2: open lfs start a BL1 replay and type /insim=32300 in the chat box.

No, I know how to get the director on. I don't know how to get it off.

Also, my camera stays in one place and doesn't move at all. Why?
very nice tool ! So, when are you going to make it for all the tracks? :P jk
Very nice tool. I'm quite intrigued as to how it decides what to show . I used one of my own replays and I don't think it missed anything interesting done by me. Looking forward to an all tracks version, keep it up .
The location of the cameras must be hard-coded, which is why it only works at blackwood.
AWSOME! i love this tool just now!

btw. IT WORKS ONLINE. i've just watched some live races and it is just awsome. you don't miss the action at all.

some suggestions:
the lapcounter should stick to the leading car, so commenting is easier to find out in which lap we are. at the moment it looks like it's just picking a random car for lapcount.
i also got the ISI packets error message when a new race starts online. (solfed by /insim=0, restarting the tool, insim=32300)

Keep the good work up!

+1 +1 +1
Quote from Fischfix :
i also got the ISI packets error message

#25 - JJ72
Isn't this like bloody mega awesome :o

LFS TV Director, Release 0.3
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