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3D LFS renders
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Quote from C40Z :2 nice renders, privat skin from [DCM] SupraBoy

greetz caoz

When are you going to release scene it relly good
It is a simple street texture which you can search on google for "road texture" of some sort, and then the lighting is a skylight or GI, and an HDRI not used properly.

Oh one thing to note C40Z, your windows aren't smooth, thats why the HDRI looks so strange.
Quote from XCNuse :
Oh one thing to note C40Z, your windows aren't smooth, thats why the HDRI looks so strange.

jeah i know it dude but how can i fix this problem, can you maybe help me

greetz caoz
If you know anything about modeling.. well actually I take that back, if you can read you should be able to do this.

Select the car, and on the right panel choose "Element", and click on the windows, and then down that list on the right side you'll find "smooth" all you have to do is just make it set so it smooths it, the value should be fine for what you're doing. I don't remember what the button says, but it should be pretty obvious, I'm to lazy to run it and figure out what it says ATM.
big thx for your help, i have found it and it works

greetz caoz
i was bored last night,and i made this Fz5 Ferrari looking picture..
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Thought I would sort out my own Brake lights for the FXR.

I was bored out of my skull be for I started them.
looks nice Lexus style
Here's 2 more renders of the car with the new lights.



They still need tweaking a bit.
great job lineR32 the taillights looking very cool and sexy
jéé munna,te is renderelsz? náájsz
Ok, thx C40Z, will work on the truck skin this week.

Your truck looks good Anathema but i was looking for a closed hauler where i could advertise the team name on the side.


ps. Is there a program like Viewer S2 that would let me see how the truck looks like after the paint job?
woot.came out nice of my scene
That Scania scene is awesome

Is it available anywhere for download?

take a look at the right thread. The materials are not very clearly. You should also take a look at the texture. And the Scene is without the RAC. If you put a skinable box on the front of the trailer it might look better.
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A small piece of work :
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han's s15_13.jpg

3D LFS renders
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