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3D LFS renders
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Very good MonStarr... my new desktop ... a little suggestion: can't you remove those brake disks from tyres?
Sure... i just figured out that they shouldn't be there, but... too late. I'll render it again when i get home later.
hey guys, this is first full render, i've expirimented, but never done a whole car, so here it is. i cant remeber where i got the skin.

and also, how do you change the rims?
Made with Blender.
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ok, i fixed the choppyness, i didn't have it set to P3

The bonnet need fixing at the windscreen end.
Forgot you guys call it a Hood, see where it's all weird, it needs fixing, think you can do it by moving the vertecies(sp) up.
whats the vertices? do you mean the reflection box
lol guys, i like to drift, sorry i never was a racer. Drifting (at least for me) is more calm (not always) than racing. The bottles are just for filling the scene . Altho if there was NOS in LFS i wouldn't use it, i don't like that kind of stuff. Don't like NFS either (only a part of the visual stuff ). Here is a render without the disks, but for the bolts... i can't get them off... i'm not that advanced 3DS user.
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han's s15_14.jpg
can you tell me how to change the wheels? please
and how to get them to turn
got the wheels to turn, but still dont know how to change them
On the hood/bonnet, you need to re do the smoothing groups. Select the bonnet polygons individually, and select a new, single smoothing group on the right, and hey presto it'll work.

You might need to also do some on the rear wing - the XR series is the worst for smoothing issues.
ok, i don't get it how do i make a new "smoothing group"? maybe a screenshot would help
and do you know how to change rims in 3ds max 7?
MONSTAR- can i please have that skin?
Here's a free clue..... R T F M!

No one here became an expert at rendering overnight.. why don't you take time to actually learn what you're doing rather than asking everyone to wipe your arse for you?

I guess your nickname pretty much says it all as to why and people wonder why I stereotype


would you please be so kind to calm down and dont make triple posts. If nobody answers maybe everyone is fed up with helping noobs which are too lazy to use the search button. sorry

working with 3dmax needs some time. You cannot expect to learn all in 5 minutes.

to your question: Did you recognize the Merge and Import Button?
You need some rim scenes first. Have a look at these: ... &gid=20&Itemid=29
ok, sorry guys, and i dont know what my nickname has to do with anything. i chose it because i used to like drifting and thats when i chose it, but then when i registered here, i couldn't think of anything that went along with bmws and non-drifting and i figured that pvdrift rolls off of the tongue easily and i picked it

and as for the person who linked me to the scenes, thank you, but the link doesn't work, any ideas?

3D LFS renders
(8241 posts, started )