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3D LFS renders
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Quote from Equinox :Gah ! Knew something was gonna go wrong :/

Just noticed the trailers skin is incomplete :/


also, the mirrors of the track are red

Would you like to send me that truck

i really like them, there good you need to get 3d studio max
Quote from Gustix :My newest render (Blender :nod

we need that in live for speed good job and keep it up.
i like the XF's
Quote from mickyc30 :you need to get 3d studio max

Oh geez, im warning that it's not that simple as Blender, but it's not hard if you dont have ''curve hands''.
i have 3s studio max 7, i think its reasonably easy to use, i had blender before max and found the difficult at times
Wip XRT ( any sugestions for name? :P ) scene
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contest WIP.jpg
I'm not sure about that style of lights on xrt, but you can try tough.
Bumper looks, umm .. i dont know, when you will fix it show again.
Quote from Feme :Wip XRT ( any sugestions for name? :P ) scene

How about 'Ugly' for now?
that light is new apollo mision?

LineR32 - ist just the begining
It looks like the Photoshop's noise/sky pattern, is it? that pattern is quite easy to recognise....
Quote from Feme :Wip XRT ( any sugestions for name? :P ) scene

evo X style?
Big thanks and hug.
New renders..
Here is a couple of new renders i made yesterday..

The first is made with the Bridge-scene from Mickyc30 (took me 2 hours to render) ... 628588e76be5a85a0f9e8.jpg

Rest of them are just, well, my own ... e9946d7c65769e75c65ac.png ... 7e836dca70ca37e277c3f.png ... 0045da4de8e8fdc50ff99.jpg

That's all for now

Btw, does anyone know any way that i can "batch render"? I mean, so i just select all of the scenes i want rendered and he just renders them one after another? That would be sweet as i mostly renders when i'm sleeping
Renders for Mr.Riders Motion!
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SFX 1.jpg
SFX 2.jpg
Keisu, you forgot to delete a couple of little bits of the XRT spoiler.

3D LFS renders
(8240 posts, started )