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some nice renders from the Boekanier
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thanks all for the reactions
Quote from Mantronix :Ye, they r great, but i dont get it, from where do u guys get those wheels. tuning wheels, much different then xrt default. :/

NFS scenes from Airone are good for wheels and there's lots of sites out there with free stuff.
Ron, where's our DIV Cars.

Our skins are at the first page Renzo, but only the ones from Dorito, me and Boekanier himself
Maybe ask him nicely to make a new one with all the cars?
Any new work?
Negative, he's got the flue
love them all.
Quote from Stiggie :Negative, he's got the flue

Veel beterschap!

Hope he gets better soon, I wanna see more
is the flue oveR?
i really wanna see some new renders!
Amazing renders, keep it coming.
Hello Renzo

Here are all 6 drifters

And Stiggie no problem posting it
fleu is over and i'm working on a nice new render

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Here are renders i made some time ago
Thanks for the compliments

A skin made by a buddy of me

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No escape from the dutch police
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Nice renders, but it'd be nice if you used thumbnails instead of posting the full image.
The shines on the cars are too much burned in all outside renders.
Girls and Cars

Thx LineR32 for the tip
Better Looking
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No problem, the page loads up a lot quicker now with the thumbnails.

Is that a new girl?

How u change the "pose" (position) of the girl?

(sorry for my ban english...)
There's a skeleton inside of the body mesh that you manipulate by moving/rotating the parts of the skeleton.
I think that they are new for LFS i made the pose
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Why is the left girl holding her hand like that?
Why don't you model an airintake like that, instead of it being so ugly on the skin?
And last but not least: why is there a car inside the wheel?

Looks great though
Heel vet Ron!

Alleen dat blauwe jurkje van die linkse klopt niet helemaal geloof ik
En hierom ben je zeker niet meer online op messenger, ben ook nog ff bezig geweest met renders proberen.. gaat al beter
Quote from sgt.flippy :
And last but not least: why is there a car inside the wheel?

Looks great though

where see you a car in the wheel
if you mean front wheel? it's from the yellow breaks

some nice renders from the Boekanier
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