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some nice renders from the Boekanier
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finally after much wrestling, I am by how it works with the light.

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Quote from Boekanier :finally after much wrestling, I am by how it works with the light.

Very nice
I agree.
Thank you both
+99 i also agree

i want that truck in lfs :jawdrop:

it would make from some excelent racing if you ask me, no?
yap very nice render ! i just cant see much,my monitor is big
Thank you both

hummmm truckracing i like that
this is simply amazing!
i just saw the truck at night scene and im trying to find my jaw - and the one in the garage with the convertible xrt with tan interior... damn, it looks like a real photo!

however - ive been browsing through you (****ING AWESOME) renders - and i wanna see more of that sick scirocco :P
its racy look really makes it unique - like a topgear intro they also have some pretty cool visual effects!

anyways - you sure have some mad skills at this!
thanks Jo,

its always nice to read great, nice compliments

maby i will do more with the scirocco in the future.

Pox3d it was a test and i used your skin.

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owh....... my.......god.

youve gotta be the sickest renderer ive ever seen!

i viewed all of your renders, My favorite ones would have to be the workshop ones, with the hood off etc.

Ive had so much fun looking at all of these,

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! :bowdown:
thanks xtraction,

I will make more renders in the workshop.

Hi all,

I started a new project.
after many having played with the XRT.
I want to concentrate on the FXO.

Here an update from the front.

what I like to do:
the side lights,
rear lights and spoiler and exhaust
new interior.
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Those wheels look nice.

Did you make them or download them?
Very nice work man!

Maybe its possible if you could render a skin i made?
Hi LineR,

As I have already said.
I modeling nothing.
Just copy paste
and a little change
Unfortunately I can not model.

Hi xtraction,

If I have the model,
and if not with the dark floor.
and if you have time to wait.
So if i gave you a raw skin, you could'nt do it?
Heres the skin, bit of a fail, but its my first skin
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Unfortunately I have some correct
After much trying, I can model a bit.

The rear lights have made myself.
and think it looks good.

I have a light and dark chrome FXO made.
think they are both beautiful.

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A update,

made a new paint material for the car.

and played with the reflections.

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Damn, that's cool. Can I get the skin?
nice nice, watch out front wheel floats !
Nom nom nom

Yeh, the illusion of car floating is easy to get when using lightsources that casts too soft shadows (HDRI, big area lights and whatnot) - btw.. is that why your shadows so dark.. to "hide" the float effect? :P Cuz i just think they are too dark.. again :P

You should look into Ambient Occlusion - You can use it for the entire render, or as a "contact patch" only. If latter, then apply it only on the ground and tweak the settings so the AO has the desired effect.

You could also use regular lights, and these can give better results. But this method required a lot more work and tuning.
The wheels are not floting.
The shadow is to dark, as r4ptor say.

Basically I use 1 plate vray light above the car
4 reflector panels around and above the 1 car and 4 spots on the walls.
He is indeed a bit too dark.
I will further tweak them.
last picture you can see
you right.

it's looks so, was that i use the opacity option on the floor

still tweaking the shadow.

some nice renders from the Boekanier
(664 posts, started )