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Patch Y - Formula BMW / Track Updates / AI / Physics
Merry Christmas!

We are pleased to announce... Patch Y!

The patch contains many updates including :

- New car - Formula BMW FB02
- Updated South City track
- Updated Blackwood track
- Improved AI drivers
- Improved Physics
- Interface updates
- New training lessons

The story behind the Formula BMW :

There is a new UK based company called V1 Championship whose aim is to discover a new racing driver through a series of tests resulting in a place in a team for the winning driver. V1 will be launched in 2008 and shown on TV in the UK. Live for Speed will be used as part of the selection process, before testing in real cars. V1 asked us to create a Formula BMW to make this test as realistic as possible. BMW Motorsport gave us permission to build the car in LFS, so we went ahead and built it.

The V1 car is owned by Fortec Motorsport where V1 is based. Thanks to V1 and Fortec, our programmer Scawen Roberts was able to get a test day driving the Formula BMW and that helped a lot with the realism of the LFS version of the car.

You can watch a video of Scawen's test day and footage of the car in LFS. Thanks to DoN for making the video. Click one of the links below to download or stream it. If the download doesn't play on your computer, just visit and install the free DivX player.

Formula BMW video LO-RES (30 MB) :
Formula BMW video HI-RES (69 MB) :
YouTube :

Information about Patch Y :

Patch Y has gone through extensive testing, first in private by our testers and then in public by our community. The Formula BMW is a great car to drive and South City looks a lot nicer. The AI are a lot more useful, with their ability to drive faster, make pit stops and deal with the changing state of their car. They aren't perfect yet, more work needs to be done to improve their awareness of other cars and overtaking ability. But they do stay on track and can give you a good race now! All the changes in Patch Y are listed at the end of this page.

Three ways to get Patch Y :

1) AUTO UPDATER - If you already have version V, W or X :

- Simply click on "Multiplayer" then "List of Games" in LFS and choose a download mirror.

2) MANUAL PATCH - If you already have version X :

- Click and save the patch into your LFS folder.
- With the patch correctly positioned in your LFS folder, run it and select "Yes to all" when asked about overwriting files.

3) FULL VERSION - If you are new to LFS or making a fresh installation.

- Visit the download page and follow the full version installation instructions

Updated CMX Viewer including the Formula BMW :

If you want to make skins, you'll probably need the CMX Viewer - a 3D car model viewer with skin templates :

Download the S2 CMX Viewer version Y

Changes from X10 to Y :

Content :

New demo car : Formula BMW FB02
Removed XR GT Turbo car from demo
Chicane route added to South City

AI :

AI can now drive faster and can deal with changing car
AI can drive out of pit garage for qualify or practice
Can now make pit stops for fuel / damage / must pit rule
No longer stop and reset to repair their car (pit instead)
Save and load functions for start grid in single player

Physics :

Engine moment of inertia increased in all cars
Handbrake is now applied at the start in hotlap mode
Gear change auto throttle cut and blip options removed
Manual clutch is now fully manual and engines can stall
Improved simulation of sequential and h-pattern gearboxes
Live anti roll and brake balance only allowed on race cars
Redline rpm and rev limiter rpm point reduced in all cars
RB4 - reduced mass by 18 kg / FXO - reduced tyre width
FXO GTR - reduced mass by 20 kg to improve GTR balance
GTR class also balanced by engine / gearboxes changes
Racing tyres generate more heat and wear more quickly
Clutch overheating system and display in F9 / F10
FIX : Error in position of wind resistance centre

South City :

Many graphical updates and new configuration added
Kerb construction modified making wall collisions safer
JPG textures now used for adverts (data\pic\SO_ADSx.jpg)

Blackwood :

Modified chicane and section after main straight
Slightly narrower track and various graphical updates
JPG textures now used for adverts (data\pic\BL_ADSx.jpg)

Fern Bay :

Tyre stacks to stop cutting Rallycross Green Turn 1
Fixes / pit lane cameras / removed large bridge adverts
JPG textures now used for adverts (data\pic\FE_ADSx.jpg)

Graphics :

Minor updates to Formula V8
FIX : XRG / XRT / XRR side mirrors

Languages :

Translatable damage display in F10 mode
Added Lithuanian and Latvian translations

Views :

Adjustable cockpit view position for each car
Left / right one button look functions now 45 degrees
Left + right two button look functions now 90 degrees
One button look is now adjustable from 30 to 90 degrees
Look behind button in road cars - look back from centre
Look behind button in racing cars - show virtual mirror
FIX : Forced cockpit view now only affects your own car
FIX : Skid marks and rubber are now visible through screen

Multiplayer :

Maximum size of config file (setup.cfg) doubled to 4 KB
Command /spec X can be used by guests to remove AI drivers
Time between reset and race start increased by six seconds
Added "cruise" option and filter (allows wrong way driving)
FIX : Remote clutch was pressed while shift paddle was held
FIX : Lap timers did not work after /pitlane X or /pit_all
FIX : Vulnerabilities that allowed a server to be crashed

Interface :

Damage repair is now a selectable option
Pit stop damage repair takes twice as long
Engines are no longer repaired in pit stops
Pit stop still continues after car is nudged
Added some missing commands to the /help text
Updated LFS icon in LFS.exe - thanks to ORION
LFS icon appears at top left of an LFS window
Can now drive up to 1 km/h over the speed limit
Redline display on tacho now has maximum accuracy
Press 4 key to see a racing line for any viewed car
Show racing line is disallowed in hotlapping and FCV
Can Reset and Must Pit added as single player options
New command /entry - makes LFS return to entry screen
Fuel per lap estimate now shown in pits - info section
Added Bridgestone and Avon tyre manufacturers in setups
Speedo (both types) improved text size and aspect ratio
Dashboard fuel displays now shown as % instead of litres
Setup and colour config files now use three letter prefix
Autocross layouts can now be selected in the track screen
Removed digital speedo option - now depends on type of car
Pit Stop fuel is now the fuel amount to be added at pit stop
Best lap time is now shown at top right during a normal race
Downforce distribution now shown in pits - downforce section
Tips page updated to include a new tip and remove an old one
FIX : Virtual dash appeared when viewing a remote undrawn car
FIX : All pressed keys are now released when LFS loses focus
FIX : CTRL + SHIFT tried to show user names in single player
FIX : Sound and controller issues when changing screen mode
FIX : Codepage of rename and delete buttons in save dialog
FIX : Comma could not be used to enter interface scale
FIX : MPR with licensed track causeD LFS demo to crash
FIX : Recalibrate axes button set all axes to "X axis"
FIX : Buffer overflow issue in SPR and MPR files

Auto update system :

Auto updater checks to see if patch is already downloaded
LFS switches to window on entry if it does not have focus
Patch files are not deleted until user answers "Restart?"
FIX : InSim bind error on restart after auto update

Sound :

Included new default sounds for BF1 / FZ5 / FZR / FOX
Sound is now switched off while changing screen resolution

Training :

Included new full pack of lessons - thanks to GP4Flo
Racing line is drawn on ground in Test Drive lessons
No penalty for hitting objects in Test Drive lessons
Pressing ESC in test drive lessons results in a pass
Can now hit objects / cones after completing a lesson
Message is shown on screen if you hit a car overtaking
Enter key can now be used to press any green button
Removed countdown and info text at start of lesson

InSim :

FIX : Zero degrees FOV in CPP could cause LFS to crash
FIX : InSim - CCI_FIRST / CCI_LAST not set if player in pits

Changes from X to X10 :

Interface :

Available start grid size now shown in game setup screen
Results table now shows user names if you press CTRL+SHIFT
Improved positioning of 3d menu objects (drivers and cars)
Display positioning support in Options->Display->Interface
Added buttons to reset position and size of moved interface
Analogue steer smooth max raised to 0.95 (to help gamepads)
Faster downloading system for auto update and offline skins
FIX : Autocross timing info turned orange after any results
FIX : ALT+F4 and /exit command now exit from meeting room

Graphics :

Minor optimisation in 2d display system
Optimised wide screen effect by using a viewport
Optimised mirror draw by using a narrow viewport
Removed missing lines of 2d elements at screen edges
Graphics option : 32 bit sky (32 bit is now default)
Improved texture purging code (avoiding possible crash)
FIX : Shift light was invisible in single player replays
FIX : GetPlateHandle message could come up on a busy host

Multiplayer :

Added new multiplayer option : force cockpit view
Removed full hosts filter from List of Games screen
Moved cones and physics objects are restored more quickly
Added handicaps / start position / user name to MPR header
Show time and date of MPR by holding CTRL+SHIFT during replay
FIX : It was possible for any guest to cause a host to crash
FIX : A player is connecting stayed on after MPR finished
FIX : Command /end did not work if no players in race
FIX : Wrong way autokick did not work

InSim / Programmers :

Username is now saved in SP Replays
Driver model byte added to IS_NPL packet
Minimum MCI / NLP time interval reduced to 50 ms
New packet IS_AXO sent when an autocross object is hit
New packets IS_AXI and IS_AXC report layout information
FIX : Guests could not see ALWAYS_ON buttons in all screens
FIX : Guests sent corrupted data in a long IS_BTT packet
FIX : Dedicated host could not fill in split nodes info
FIX : Dedicated host did not report race positions


We would like to say thanks to all those involved in creating and testing Patch Y.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all LFS racers!
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