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Quote from tristancliffe :"'The Boss' wasn't pleased when the racing driver stumbled upon his marijuana plantation"

Not exactly motorsport, but it's my thread, so I can do what I like muhahahahaha

Don't be too cruel. But don't be upset by me posting it, as it's quite possible to find wheelchair users funny without being specific to a wheel chair user.
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Grandma knew she was late to something
The six members of the crowd who declared "I can do that, put me on offense and I'll win you the game" the previous season meet up to celebrate the anniversary.
UKCT's recent team meeting!
760 - "WTF!? Ban 144 he`s a crasher!!"
140 - "Meee? I didn`t do anything"
After the race finished the organiser's realised having a stepped podium was not such a good idea after all.
Confusion reigns when new LFS 'Team Mazz' are told to hit the track.




The annual meeting of 'The Frank Williams Fan Club' ends in disarray when several members are accused of cheating during the 110m hurdles race.


Torro Rosso hold Pop Idol style auditions for Scott Speeds replacement.
Woman in front is looking smug after her team have fitted her wheelchair with the new brake wheel covers
Quote from dawesdust_12 :UKCT's recent team meeting!

Quote from Madman_CZ :Woman in front is looking smug after her team have fitted her wheelchair with the new brake wheel covers

Two winners. First to post wins! (mini sub-competition).
'Lewis proves his gearstick can move quickly'


'Ferrari try the 'blond bombshell' trick on Lewis'


'Who needs airbags?'

"Hamilton's new racer features 4 Airbags!"
You stole my line!
I know this is slightly off topic, but the lady to the right scares me, damn she looks like psycho.
Or just too much butox in the face probally..
I was waiting on someone to comment on her face :P
Further evidence Lewis Hamilton is the luckiest twat alive.
Forum of young boys faint at sight of tits.

Sorry - captioned the wrong thing.
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@thisnameistaken: Lol!

@simiscube: ???????????? How does that relate? I don't get it...
I'm gonna haffto say DK wins with his: "'Lewis proves his gearstick can move quickly'" but his "Who needs Airbags" one was funny too.

Bunch of cars explode. World goes on.
hmm heh fire yeh fire hhmmm heheh hmmm lets burn it

that was cool
"Hello Racers!

Here is a new compatible Patch : Arthur Brown5

We took the opportunity to do various updates and fixes to further improve LFS.

Please read the full list of changes below. The patch is fully compatible with version X.

Changes in PATCH Arthur Brown5:

Multiplayer :

Added: Fire!


No download link needed - Just click List of Games inside LFS.

Thanks to DoN for the above screen screenshot of the oval noobs"

Sad I know...

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )