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Quote from EliteAti :The AI's are terrible

What's the point of picking on non-existant content?

Quote from DeadWolfBones :F40 feels great IMO.

Definitely ain't catching any slides, though.

Oh well, that's like the whole point of the car. If you can't get it to slide one bit, it will understeer onto oblivion. I've no idea how to be actually fast with that car though. 1.57 is still not top notch on Mugello according to RSR.
Quote from BlueFlame :Seems like right now the game engine can't handle bottoming out.

Which is why the Group A and race cars bounce like ****.

Definiately. It is kinda hardcore to have the E30 bouncing everywhere even on silverstone, without curbs. Made me have a seizure after a few laps. Makes the car too unpredictable.
Seems there's quite a few shortcuts taken with the engine, really. Not really near finished at all, I'd say. Amazing how well it feels in most cases despite the alpha status, though.
Quote from Boris Lozac :
@ mustang

Not enough FOV lol. That can't be the road 90's tires right?


Quote from R3DMAN :your vid quality is pretty poor.. try using DXTory instead.

Cheers ill try
Quote from e2mustang :semis

Cheers ill try

You need a certain codec, ill get you itwhen i get home.

Raw recording is about 1gb per min at 100% but once compressed down to 720p (my youtube vids) its about 140mb. Which is great if you have got the space.
open broadcast service ftw, also for recording

What could it be? I hope it's Nissan license
They'll announce that the next update (early 2014) will include:
  • Rockingham
  • VW Scirocco
Quote from three_jump :They'll announce that the next update (early 2014) will include:
  • Rockingham
  • VW Scirocco

what would screw over lfs even more XD
Quote from three_jump :They'll announce that the next update (early 2014) will include:
  • Rockingham
  • VW Scirocco

Then we try them when available and find out the physics is great.
It better be multiplayer or some mechanic wise updates, we got so many cars and tracks now that I don't even know where to start
Or maybe... they announche rallypack. If that happens **** this, **** you and **** the forum, I'll god damn divorce LFS and marry AC.
Then I hope they announce rallypack - to be released early 2018...
Or maybe there'll announce InSim API for AC.
Oh come on, it's Nordschleife... Everyone knows that weeks in advance.
I don't know what else could deserve this hype other then Nordschleife..
Quote from Boris Lozac :Please do, i still suffer with it even though i've thought i got the controls perfect. Catching slides is still pretty much impossible.

It's basically what sinbad said. Even though I limit my frames to 57, as 60 creates much more tearing. But I'll try 91 fps and see if it makes any difference.

I'll try forced V-Sync in the drivers later on, to see if that creates a similar lag to the V-Sync in game. I guess it will, but it's worth a shot anyway.

On the other side, does anyone here want my BMW E30 M3 Gr.A. Jägermeister Skin, which is (more or less) a replica of Armin Hahnes ca from 1992?

I think it's definitely Daytona oval.
ATHome, please share the skin.

Hopefully there will be a full set of the DTM skins soon ^_^
So I finally got the money to buy this Just wanted to leave my first impressions here.
After messing with the wheel settings around I got the KTM to feel like what I wanted (LFS-esque). The car feels great and the I felt no steering input like I experienced in other games. A little like LFS which made me very happy. Laptime wise, I'm rusty, only 1:59.0 in Imola
Then I tried other cars lol F40, 458 and M3 GT2 are completely undrivable for me at the moment (maybe I should add traction control?). The 49T at Monza 66 is just an incredible sensation, graphical and physics wise :o
Bound to be something to do with Ferrari F1, or Nords. Didn't someone have a leaked screen ages ago with the nordy on the interface already?
Porsche, weather effects.


Toyota, more special events.
Supposedly the announcement isn't AI or multi related... nurb or lambo?

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
(8873 posts, started )