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DayZ - Arma 2 Zombie Mod
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Son of a bitch. Got snipped in the forest. Lost all my food and weapons.

First time getting killed by bandits.
I was killed in the market in Elektro thanks to lag, somebody killed me while I was hidding behind a wall, in all of the times I got killed, it's probably the first time I raged...
got surrounded by zombies and somehow lost 7 clips of ammo, took 7 zombies with me until I died . Anyone wanna work together? We can meet on a server and use TS. If we can get a group of 4-5 that would be pretty good.
Thanks guys! gonna try all the things you told me.

Edit: well, I installed the patch but windows told me that it was not installed correctly, I really don't know how to proceed from here
some noob help would be much appreciated! please
I use(d) SixUpdater ( to get it installed, keep it upto date and to find servers, etc. Mostly works without issue, although the launcher ping times takes a while sometimes.

Sounds like the the standard "windows thinks this didn't install" dialog you've got there chanoman315. Probably did install However having not used the "manual" installer, that's a bit of a guess
Well I already used SixLauncher and SixUpdater, still doesn't work, it says that my game is ok but when I try to play in any server the .pbo files won't let me
Quote from chanoman315 :Well I already used SixLauncher and SixUpdater, still doesn't work, it says that my game is ok but when I try to play in any server the .pbo files won't let me

You might want to try DayZ's forum because there are more people on there and the guys that created the mod is also on there.
This mod is GOTY and Nobel stuff right here.

I can't really explain but this game gets under my skin and goes where no game has gone before with the amount of tension, horror, stress, crazy encounters, close calls, stories and emotions.

I've been playing lone wolf, avoiding other players, exploring the map without cheat sheets or online maps, trying to survive as long as possible. Had only a handful of characters and after several weeks of playing I got my first murder. Then the 2nd, then the 3rd... and then I died after 24 days.

Draw you a map of my adventure. Last day is the purple colour.

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After lone wolfing for so long I'd like to try some teamwork. Anyone wanna join me in somewhat aggressive surviving attempts?

My new character had a somewhat rocky start with no weapons whatsoever and the only exit blocked by 3 zombies.

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those zombies look classy as hell
I'm currently being very boring, but also following the objective and just surviving. I have everything I need to survive in the middle of nowhere, all I need are animals, trees and a source of water. My current character has been alive for almost a full 24 hours game time, roughly that amount anyway, I've not been keeping track of it.
I've been lucky. Came across 4 canteens, extra food, a Winchester with 45 rounds and still have a clip or two for that crappy Makarov I've been carrying around since before the start of the no weapons when spawning thing.
my current character is pretty good. Got a M1911 with 5 mags, a M4A1 with 2 mags, and a Mk48 with one 100rounds mag.

THEN I FOUND A BUS! with another M16 and a Remington in it I stashed the bus in the forest somewhere. I felt bad for stealing someone's bus with their stuff in it, but then they parked it at the edge of the forest north of the northeast airfield. It's a high traffic area so if you park it there, its to be expected to be stolen lol
Good to see this level of prep for the zombie apocalypse.

Must give it a go !
I got the game today, will be playing it lone wolf to get a feel for it. Maybe we can team up later
I have to restart my guy anways since I died. Ill be able to get on at like 19 utc today if anyone wants to play
Is it possible to play with the free version of ARMA? Or do I have to buy the CO? Really wanna try this out
Quote from Nadeo4441 :Is it possible to play with the free version of ARMA? Or do I have to buy the CO? Really wanna try this out

The free version will work, but you need the Operation Arrowhead add-on.
And the free version has extremely bad textures.
Steam accounts plox?

-> spankmeyer
Quote from RasmusL :And the free version has extremely bad textures.

Well, if your computer isn't totally up to scratch, you might not even want to use the good textures.

Keep adding to the list of steam accounts
New version's out and the site promptly crashed. Managed to snatch the torrent before a torrent (pun intented) of players tried to download it.

Ran smooth and without problems. Character creation and loading took a while as I guess the Hive is getting hammered. Zombie spotting seems better after a quick test trying to sneak into town.
So I managed to get it working, when I installed the mod it missed a single file relating to a gun, replaced file and with the above fixes from Troy helps so thanks for that. Anyway, last night I was playing DayZ and I had one of those moments, which first of all freaked the living daylights out of me but on reflection made me wish I had recorded the moment for YouTube purposes.

Had to go into a built up area to look for supplies and was trying to be as careful as possible, alas I failed and had alerted a nearby zombie. In my panic stricken state I fired off a headshot kill which in hindsight was a mistake as it alerted a group of zombies nearby. Since I was down on ammo I couldn't take the down so was left with the flight option, so there a was sprinting down the street with a group of 8+ zombies in chase. A nearby player decided to take pity on my situation and sniped me......saying it was in the best interest of the human.

Just wished I had some Benny Hill music as I ran away.

This is going to be addictive I think.

DayZ - Arma 2 Zombie Mod
(487 posts, started )