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Sonicrealms Racing info thread
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Gratz, great race for you guys.
@gangsteer: Thanks. Here some new news after a long time..

SR with strong season finale in GT2WS 2011
NDR GT2WS 2011 - Full Season Review

New Dimension Racing and meh Racing organized the first ever non-amateur league that only used the GT2 class. We signed up one car unlike some other teams (like SAVAGE SimSport or CoRe Racing) who were starting the season with two teams. For the season start, we were heading to Aston International [...] »Read more

There are also (older) news items about Jason Lovett's iRacing Pro Debut or Peter Hopkins winning the OWRL F1 2011 championship.
Good stuff, great way to finish the GT2 World Series.
nice summary, enjoyed reading it.
Here also a quick news report about a driver who is usually not in the spotlight - [SR] bLb. It's about the 19th OWRL S2 Season.
French power !

nice writing and congratz to him !
Happy Christmas to everyone in LFS, and of course especially to all the great friends we have made over our 9+ years!
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to you lot!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas SR
Merry Christmas!
Happy new year!
SR are proud to present our new skins for 2012. This is to mark 10 years in Live for Speed, which we will be celebrating in October this year. All skins by Gerdoner, renders by Raptor.
Me likes
nice creation there.
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Nice skins!
i really like that simple design!

great job!
Awesome skins, very well compiled promo
Beautiful skins and renders, both from two of the best in the biz.
Really good color scheme.

congrats 10years
dunno bout you guys
but i <3 gerdoner
mans a magician D:!

lol @ the choice of music though
I like those skins a lot

Sonicrealms Racing info thread
(310 posts, started )