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Good read
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Hopkins leads SR 1-2 in the streets of Southcity

"It's done when it's done." This is probably one of the most famous sentences of Live for Speed developer Scawen. Same could have been said about SR driver Peter Hopkins and his long overdue first victory in the OWRL F1 League, but at the second round of the 2011 season it was finally his big day. But let us begin from the beginning:

Both managed it to get into the Q2 session, although it couldn't have been any closer for Peter's team mate and four times OWRL Div. A champion Dave Southword - he finished Q1 on 10th position, but a look on the timing sheets tells that he set the same laptime as the Finn Räsänen on 11th! Pete set a laptime 1:14.630 which was enough for 4th in Q1. When it counted in Q2 both decided to take a heavy fuel load on board meaning they wouldn't have a shot at pole position. Dave qualified on 5th with his slightly heavier fuelled team mate on 6th. After spdo Racing's Pikkarainen decided not to start race from pole position, they gained one more place on the grid, so that our SR drivers started from 4th and 5th.

The lights went out and the two Englishmen were able to hold their positions in the first corners. Like its usual for city tracks, nothing happened until the round of stops were opened by PLZ driver Naselli. But it was his team mate Bartalotta who was responsible for Dave losing a place to his team mate when the Italian decided to lift his throttle whilst Southword was right at his tail leading to the inevitable - a collision. After Pete pitted on lap 29 he found himself again in 3rd position and fellow countryman Dave in 5th. During the next stint, Dave managed to gain one position on Naselli and Pete steadily closed the gap to the leading pair of Wisniewski and Cattell.

He even climbed to 2nd when double champion Wisniewski made his 3rd and final stop where he decided to repair damage - soon afterwards he gave up the race after he fell behind Dave. The last laps were going to be a true thriller with Cattell struggling on cold tyres with the consistently closing Englishman Peter Hopkins behind. The strategical error by the ineX driver was visible when he suffered a left rear puncture with less than nine laps to go promoting our two SR drivers into the lead. But like in the real F1 race in Monaco about one week ago - disaster struck with a few laps remaining in the form of a server related time-out of various drivers. This meant that Naselli was provisional winner, but the OWRL administration decided to take the results prior to the disconnects which means that Peter scores his first victory in his 19th OWRL F1 race with Dave finishing on 2nd position - securing Sonicrealms Racing’s first ever (real) "double victory" in this series after the team were close to getting one at Aston Grand Touring rev in 2009 and after SR finished on 1st and 2nd positition two weeks ago at the season opener in Aston GP with Riegler ahead of Hopkins.

Driver comments
Peter Hopkins (peterules) said: "Q1 - Picking a clear spot to set a lap was difficult, with so many cars on the track I managed a respectable 4th.

Q2 - Burning fuel was important, I was running heavy and knew that there were a lot of fast guys in the top 10. I set a time of 1:15.82 which put me in 6th but I was promoted a place after M. Pikkarainen decided he didn't want pole and left the session.

Race - This is where we got down to business. I started on the clean side of the track and had a good start. I maintained my 5th position and was behind my fellow E46 team mate Dave who was running a little lighter than me. I thought to myself, if I can just keep up with him, i'll have a good chance of finishing with some good points. The gap between me and Dave grew a bit bigger in the first 10 laps, but I managed to catch up again after my tyres had passed their heat peak and started to cool down nicely. The lights were still green and I needed to push! On Lap 18 I was on his tail but there was a problem... Traffic! Even though we were still on our first stint team PLZ, a lap down already decided to get in the way causing a colision which I managed to just about squeeze by. This was the time to push push push, with minimal damage, good tyres and a clear track infront of me I had nothing to lose! A. Wisniewski and S. Cattell were infront of me by a large amount. I managed to set my best time of 1:15.04. Then the front runners started to pit, I came out infront and used the extra fuel I had to my advantage. By the time the final pit stops were over, A. Wisniewski was out of the race and S. Cattell was the only person left infront of me. I was catching him every lap but the times was still slow. I had to deal with another heat peak with fresh tyres but Cattell was also struggling with badly worn tyres at the same time. On lap 69 Cattell's rear tyre went pop and I was in the lead! By the time he crawled back to the pit I checked the position list to see that it was a SR 1-2. But as usual, when i'm leading the final laps, my luck is never at it's best. I remember back in 2009 at AS6R, me and my old team mate S.Riegler was in the same position (1-2) when my tyre also blew out near the race end costing me my first win. This time it was a server malfunction on lap 72/77 which caused 5 drivers including my team mate to get disconnected. Thankfully, OWRL decided that the race should finish early which rewarded me my first ever win in OWRL F1. It was a very fun and interesting race but i'm still eager to do my first every victory lap! Hopefully this will be this season!

I'm looking forward to WE1R and hope I can keep up with the good results!"

Dave Southword (Storm_Cloud) said: "Q1 - Hadn't looked at a qualifying set, and ended up really struggling to get a time. Kept hitting walls or running into traffic. Last gasp run got me into 10th with same time as 11th but I set mine first - phew!

Q2 - Can run 6 laps to burn fuel but opted for 5 after losing time in the accident and then being held up by Benoit. Backed it off a little for the final run and just concentrated on good apex speed. 15.68 was better than I had managed in my three practice runs. 5th became 4th unsurprisingly as one of the spdo guys was playing silly buggers and left the server.

Race - Good start. Got alongside Naselli but he looked happy to chop me up so ran round the outside and was 4th behind him but ahead of Pete. Wasn't quick enough really in the first stint; I brushed the wall so got a bit worried about damage which made me cautious so the rears didn't heat up properly. Knew Pete was going long so I knew he would wait and pick me off. Naselli's team mate done me up like a kipper when lapping him. Haven't watched the replay, but coming out of the complex onto the back straight I was right behind him then he slowed so I ran into him and Pete slipped past. Also got held up behind Adam as he came out from his stop. He looked a bit lairy so no point doing anything. Naselli had pitted early so looked like three stopping so wasn't worried about him. Adam, Pete and Simon Cattell were out front so looked like 4th - no problem. I left the tyre view on the whole time so I didn't pay much attention to the race which made me surprised to see me not far behind Adam. I guessed from his previous lairyness he was damaged. Maybe 3rd? Okay! He pitted and it was a long one so I passed him but then he specced. Odd. I also passed Simon when he had a late final stop, for a puncture it turned out. Team E46 first and second - great; really happy for Pete. Then the server issues occurred, but the race was pulled back to lap 72 so the result was assured.

Rather enjoyed that."

Additional links:
OWRL F1 2011 Round 3 + IGTC 2011 Round 1
SR show promising start to IGTC 2011
Sonicrealms Racing started 2011 in unsure territory, with a completely new lineup after our successful 2010 season, where we came 2nd. We unfortunately lost a few drivers to inactivity, namely Jason Lovett, Johannes Makela and Christopher Felder. Not to rest on our laurels, new recruits Felix Hillen, Andres Aziapu, Sampsa Jurvansuu and returning driver Sascha Riegler would take to the track for us. This would be our first race with the new LFS patch, which is using the new open configurations. [...] »Read more

SR with mixed result at Westhill
After the slowest track in the calendar, our team arrived with the hope of continuing the succesful season with another good result in Westhill International reversed. For our Team A would be starting Sampsa Jurvansuu (#04) and guest driver Mathias Wentjärvi (#03). For the Team B with the blue racing car would be driving championship leader Peter Hopkins (#09) and old routinier Dave Southword (#10). [...] »Read more

You can also visit our website and read the race reviews there. Have fun reading them!

Or look above the post where I've mentioned "OWRL F1 2011 Round 3 + IGTC 2011 Round 1".

Anyway, we'll try to make it more clear next time.
Yeah was a great drive by SR in IGTC didnt see OWRL F1 though. Keep up the good driving!
OWRL F1 2011 Round 4 + NDR LFSCART 2011 Round 5
Southword 3rd infront of Hopkins at chaotic Fernbay race
OWRL F1 2011 Round 4 - 03/07/2011

On the 3rd July our experienced BF1 drivers Peter "peterules" Hopkins and Dave "Storm_Cloud" Southword would head to the last round before the summer break in this championship. Q1 wouldn't be a huge hurdle for them - Peter even managed to get into Q2 on the harder compounds r3. Fernbay is a track which allows different strategies thanks to the short pitlane. That meant a mixed up grid with Dave starting from 2nd and Pete far back on 8th with the heaviest fuel load of the top10 drivers. [...] »Read more

Jurvansuu wins after faultless performance
NDR LFSCART 2011 Round 5 - 09/07/2011

NDR LFSCART and its drivers survived the oval month with the highlight "Kyoto 500" meaning the drivers were looking forward to a proper track again with proper racing. For us would be driving on the challenging Westhill International track: Sampsa "Joku123" Jurvansuu, Sascha "Feuerdrache" Riegler and trial driver Radoslaw "radziomistrzu" Grabowski (recently joined SR together with his fellow countryman Radoslaw Zawielak). [...] »Read more

Feel free to visit our website as well if you want to read the news there.
Congrats to all drivers Gread read also

Sonicrealms Racing are pleased to announce the signing of iRacer Ray Alfalla, after both parties agreed to join forces. The front-running American is happy to join in, and will have his first appearance for SR in the next iRacing Road World Championship the 30th of July 2011.

Ray Alfalla (22) is joining Sonicrealms Racing to strengthen their iRacing line-up. “I am very delighted that Ray has decided to join us. He is a very talented driver, and I cannot wait to work more with him. We have some things going on right now, which we will announce later”, says SR's iRacing Development Manager and real life racer, Tommy Østgaard. Jason Matthews, SR Team leader writes - "I am delighted to welcome Ray to the team and hope this is just the start for us in iRacing. This will also help our iRacers like Jason Lovett to improve. Tommy has done a great job in persuading Ray to sign for us and I hope to see more drivers from iRacing join us in the future."

Ray Alfalla will be driving his first race for SR already the 30th of July 2011, in the iRacing Road World Championship where he is currently 10th in the standings. "I am very honoured to be part of the team, thanks to Tommy for this opportunity, and looking forward to it very much." says the experienced Alfalla. Ray started with sim-racing 8 years ago, and has several remarkable results, such as 8th place in the first NASCAR iRacing World Championship in 2010, while leading the on-going series in 2011 with only six races to go with several race-wins.
Sonicrealms Racing has with this signing taken a step forward and showed their ambitions of running at the front in the biggest series in sim-racing, while keeping the core of the team; the team-work, the passion, the friendliness and having fun with each other.

Welcome to the team, Ray Alfalla!

Tune in to at 30th of July at 22:00 GMT to follow Alfalla through his first race for SR in the iRacing Road World Championship!
Nice signing. Good luck to the both of you!
:o huge

Will he be racing for SR in the oval world champ too?
(jasonmatthews) DELETED by jasonmatthews : hmmm not sure :P
Awsome signing Welcome Ray!
F*cking awesome. Congrats!
Wow. Mr.Afalla.

Gratz to you both. Should be awesome to see an SR skin up there in DWC every second tuesday night.
Quote from jrd.racer :Wow. Mr.Afalla.

Gratz to you both. Should be awesome to see an SR skin up there in DWC every second tuesday night.

Quote from GreyBull [CHA] ::o huge

Will he be racing for SR in the oval world champ too?

Not for 2011. We got more stuff going on behind scenes for the 2012 season for Ray. We'll come back to that later when things are set
That's quite a signing. Congrats!
Quote from racer hero :Saturday.

Ah right, I saw Alfalla and just instantly thought 'Oval', even with the FW31 standing right there.
Sonicrealms ends IGTC 2011 on a high
IGTC 2011 - Full Season Review

The fifth annual Inernational Grand Touring Championship has ended and SR has again finished the season in the Top3 of the standings. Due to the drop in interest at the end of the last season, this year's running was shortened to four rounds and all of them taking place on the new "Open Configurations". [...] »Read more

Sonicrealms Racing info thread
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