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Sonicrealms Racing info thread
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Quote from rc10racer :First off well done on chris and rudy move, second of all i think that the only reason i could see them moving teams is to help a midpack team into challengeing (if that internet connection of chriskart holds up for once :razz for the win in big leagues like MoE and IGTC but i am only guessing here.

Based on the reasons provided they were looking for the challenge of getting a team up to that point. From my understanding SR was most promising in their opinion, and as so they requested SR (not the other way around) what they would think of the idea Rudy and Chris had.

I guess SR had a free beer party afterwards :P
I'd say a few podiums in our first ever MOE season isn't bad for a "midpack" team eh And we have had quite a lot of bad luck with timeouts and penalties aswell. Our inexperiance also played a part, but I believe we would have got there anyway, it just would have taken quite a bit longer

But we are obviously delighted to get these drivers in our team and their experience will help our very talented drivers reach their full potential, which I believe is the reason that they wanted this challenge.

Sonicrealms Racing has always been a team who put friendships and community before speed, and to have a team of our size who enter so many leagues and are a constant presence at the front of public servers, is a testament to the hard work of every member in the team.

I would like to think this also had an influence in the decisions Chriskart & Rudy made.
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I personally think being called mid pack is nice. At least we are no longer back markers.
Quote from CSF :I personally think being called mid pack is nice. At least we are no longer back markers.

When were we ever back markers?
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Errr did you see the first few IGTC races last season Turks? 23rd place?
Nice signup there guys, that will put some strenght in SR.
Gongratz to both Lads.

To rudy : Laat SR maar eens zien wat dutch LFS power is .

Seriously though : Get to the top now SR
Wow! Didn't see this before now! Awesome news guys Good luck!
Felix Funke, aka speedway, has today joined SR. Speedway, formerly co-founder of the noobs team is an experienced racer from Germany and has impressed the team with his speed in a variety of cars. He joins another former noobs team-mate in Zeugnimod, and we hope he proves as big an asset to the team as Zeugnimod has. Felix will be known as [SR] speedway. Welcome to the team!

[SR] speedway

[SR] speedway : Thank you very much for inviting me to the team- and eventually letting me join. I really appreciate it and will do my very best to be a great asset to the team.

Even though i have absolutely no idea why you would do such a crazy thing, i'm sure you had very good reasons to do so.Unfortunately i couldnt find a thread where a possible membership has been discussed. So i simply deny the possibility that it was most likely moved/deleted before i got to sneak into the private forum section and instead believe there simply was no thread and that it was ziggy’s constant whining about how much he misses me that led to an instant invite - thus skipping the discussion. :P

Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting to know the entire team and a great racing season 2009.

In other news, SR have said goodbye to some inactive members of the team. So thanks for everything and good luck in the future to :-

[SR] Macker
[SR] Ossie
[SR] Joker
[SR] Jonas
[SR] Demet
Welcome Felix
Congrats and good luck.
So SR is more or less noobs now. Congrats to both.:checkered
More noobs than we were for sure
I saw this one coming gratz Noob ..and SR!
Noobz invading SR Congrats both!
Gratz and good luck
Nice signing, gratz!
=/ invading? 2 members = invading? lol.

Welcome guys!
We have just added a new section to the site playing some of our favourite Commodore 64 music from the old days.

We used to spend hours on end loading up these games by cassette just to hear the music! Enjoy

Click to go direct to the C64 music section.
What happened to SR site Bandwidth exceeded
#72 - CSF
Revenge of the shitty C64 me thinks.
Other bands like Def Leppard wouldn't do that
thats what you get with al those rubbish song's
Obviously there are more C64 fans than we thought

Will try to get it back asap...

Sonicrealms Racing info thread
(310 posts, started )