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SR rockin again!
so who wants the hotlap league back?
Quote from Franky.S :so who wants the hotlap league back?

I wouldn't mind to have it back. Was always good fun to do some laps there when you had nothing else to do.
#307 - CSF
Was that not in about 1995?
Summer Signings!
SR are pleased to announce some more new signings. We have recruited 2 ex-cargame racers in Ricardo Costa (Otone) and Litro. Both bring alot of speed and potential. Otone is from Portugal and Litro is from Latvia.

Otone's comments- My name is Ricardo Costa, been around here since 2011 when I got my S2 License. Played occasionally Demo since 2004.
I'm 24 years old. Born and raised in Cascais, Portugal. I'm doing an automotive mechatronics course.
My favourite music is Braindance and Techno, specially Jeff Mills, Richard David James, Mike Paradinas, Luke Vibert, Squarepusher, etc. I like Portuguese rap music like Allen Halloween.
My favourite TV-Series is HBO OZ. I don't play other games that much, only the big titles that comes out like GTA, id Games, Crysis, etc. I've always been a Doom fan.
I play LFS with G27 wheel and my favourite cars are XRG, FOX, MRT and LX4.
I play LFS mostly just for fun, never focused in league racing. Hope I will have fun around here!
Our next signing is Stijn Wauters from Belgium. Stijn had a long break from LFS but is now back and we are delighted he wanted to join us.

Stijn's comments - Hi, I'm Stijn Wauters, 30 years old, and I'm addicted to gaming, beer and other other alcoholic beaverages, Belgian fries from "het frituur", sexy hot women with big breasts, movies, TV series, and lfs. I live in Turnhout, Belgium.

Gaming history: started out on my dad's pc in my early ages on "stunts" and "4wd racing" and "x-wing vs tie fighter" with a joystick (much fun!!). Then discovered the "Need For Speed" game collection, nearly played all of them, but mostly enjoyed the "porshe unlimited".
Not a fps fan, but like flight and racing sims. Recently also played the 'assassin's creed' series, which was interesting.

I've been on lfs since the near beginning, fiddling around in S1 demo mode with a joystick :-). A bit later got myself licensed (January 2004), a microsoft ffb wheel and started enjoying the wonders of lfs.

I have league experience while driving the original lfs league, the flemish racing league, battle of the teams, Desire of Patience tour - 24h of as4r,... . During that time I got in touch with other drivers from Belgium and joined (the now no more) Elite Squad ls team.
After Stijn, we signed Christian Brösicke, aka Broe, formerly of the now defunct conedodgers team. Broe is from Gremany and especially likes GTR endurance events.

Broe's comments - My real name is Christian Brösicke (my race nick and plate are together my stage name on track)
I came from Germany/Berlin and I am 40 Years old. (born at 1972)

I took part at the GTCC, it was a league from RM last 3 seasons I drive for FFR. The GTCC didn't exist any more so I must find a new one.
I make 5 16h races and I think 1 24h race most of this races I drive a FXR GT2 as that's my favourite car.

I started playing LFS in 2005 and my "fault" was that I start playing one track with one car (AS3/ FXR) and this over 40000 Laps.
I got alot of Public experience with this but didn't get skills in other cars and tracks. That's why I am slow in other cars but I know it and I will work on it hope I could get some good tips from you guys to get faster.

Thanks for give me a chance to be a part of this team and I hope we have much fun on track.
Next up is Paul Mante, aka spanneman. Paul is a very experienced driver, who has previously been in many German Eteams. Paul brings alot of GTR league experience.

Paul's comments - I'm 22 years old and I'm from Hannover. I have been playing/driving Live for Speed since 2007.

I stepped back a bit from Live for Speed but I decided to come back and search for some new Challenges.

I'm looking forward to a long and good time in SR and hope for good successes for us

I wanted to thank you all again for the warm welcome ....
Our latest signing is Tuomas Koriala, aka RandomnessInside. Tuomas is another young Finn who is currently in our trial team. We hope to see him progress to the full team soon.

Tuomas's comments - I'm Tuomas Koriala, a 17-year old dude from Finland, and I'm an average simracer. I've not done any international events yet on LFS but will do next year. I mainly drove on LFS for the community which is now closed, but I improved a lot there. My PB's aren't that bad either, although I've only couple of combos where I'm good at. But as I'll visit SR's server I'll make sure to try out some PB's!
We also welcomed back Kasper Kontio, aka RoamerF1. Kasper is another young Finn who was previously on trial.

Kasper's comments - My name is Kasper Kontio. I'm 14 years old boy from Mikkeli, a city in Finland. I have been playing lfs since 2010. I don't really have hobbies but I usually play football at summer with my friends on free time and ice hockey at winter. I drive lfs quite alot too, mostly public racing but I like to drive League races too. I am using G27 at the moment. My favourite cars are GT2, GT1 and open wheelers. Cya on track!
Broe is an awesome dude. Used to help out a lot on GT3/GT2/GT1 server I had up a while back named GTR Multiclass Racing. Many good memories banging doors with FFR Broe and his Fast Forward Racing teammates. Congrats to others as well, but I think we all know Paul and Kasper as well as Ricardo and Litro have been there for some months
That would be my fault being inactive'ish

Sonicrealms Racing info thread
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