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Sonicrealms Racing info thread
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#76 - CSF
#78 - CSF
Oh look we still don't have the new site on the dev site. *Probs KayJay and Gerdoner*
Quote from CSF :Oh look we still don't have the new site on the dev site. *Probs KayJay and Gerdoner*


EDIT: Oh! Nice website
#81 - th84
Quote from jasonmatthews :Felix Funke, aka speedway


Can I join too? Every team needs a dumbass American!

You will get sick of him pretty quick! Dont ever give him admin to your servers.. he will ban his team mates quicker than he will a wrecker. You can use any form of food to trick him, though. He prefers Microwaved (AKA, not cooked) bacon.

Good luck, Felix! I'll see ya around.

P.S. shutup, Tukko!
Quote from th84 :P.S. shutup, Tukko!

who, me?? I wasn't going to say anything

ffs dont take TH in your team, just look what happened to Noobs!

**** Please note that this league is still in planning and certain things could change ****
Click here to sign up

6 races, one at each LFS location, 45 mins each with forced pitstop. 5 minutes qualify.
Pre-Qual Server
The Qualification server will be passworded and open for drivers to set times after the previous race. The top 30 on the server by the Saturday night before the race will race in server 1 and the next 30 will race in server 2. Signups outside this 60 will not race.
You can drop your worst event, so if you miss a race you can still win the league.

Preliminary Schedule

7th June - KY2 - 26 laps
21st June - SO4 - 29 laps
5th July - BL1 - 39 laps
19th July - WE1R - 28 laps
2nd August - AS6R - 17 laps
16th August - FE4 - 19 laps


8:45 pm - All drivers to be on assigned server, you will be notified via email which server you race in.
9:00 pm - Qualification for 5 minutes
9:10 pm - Race Start

Points System

To be announced


File protests here
No wrecking, bump drafting, or rejoining the track unsafely. Please respect your fellow racer at all times.
No Chat unless admin says "CHAT OPEN". This will be when the qualification and race session finishes.
Respect blue flags.
No cutting, bump drafting or pushing in qualification server.
That looks really nice, but shame that it clashes with the UFRC Summer Slam and the MMS.
It won't start until 9pm uk time so it won't clash
Quote from jasonmatthews :It won't start until 9pm uk time so it won't clash

This makes sence. Thanks for pointing this, I'll be thinking of that and then I'll decide to sign-up or not...
SR, what a lovely bunch of fellas...
SR is proud to announce a sponsorship deal with 500 servers. You will see some messages on some of our servers and website, so please support 500 servers and buy some
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#90 - CSF
Hi there,

Please do not spam our team information topic with requests to join your new league. It does not look good for you spamming the LFS forum with invitations to something the majority have no interest in. Please remove your post before I report it for spam. If you wish to contact the team with a more formal invitation, please visit our website.

okey sorry i will in my opinion this was the easiest way to contact teams because of diffrent languages on websites and joining forums! i will delete it
#92 - CSF
We have a contact us thing on our site that allows for you to not need to sign up on our forum. It goes straight to the e-mail of the guys in the team, who then post on the forum about it. It's probably easier in this instance.
SR are pleased to announce that Christopher Felder, aka Howie has agreed to join us. Howie is from Germany and a great single seater, and wants to move onto serious league racing in the GTR class. We hope we can help him with this goal and he enjoys his stay with us. Welcome to the team Howie.

[SR] Howie

[SR] Howie : Hi all, SR is the first team I'm joining and I hope I won't regret it.
Turkey had contacted me in October 2008 as well as some other teams who offered me to drive for them but at that time I didn't want to commit myself to a team and I didn't know if I had that much time for LFS to commit to a team.
Finally I had a little conversation with Turkey yesterday and he convinced me to join SR.
Besides the nice people I already became acquainted / raced against, SR offers for me a good package all around.
So I'm looking forward to have a nice time with you guys.
Das ist geschmekt!
Grats guys!
Whoa, Howie is very very fast, I remember from my CTRA days. Nice one.
Congratulations, a great signing indeed :P 46 + 1 = 47. You need 20 more to beat CD though
gratz lads
Gratz to the team and to Howie

Sonicrealms Racing info thread
(310 posts, started )