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Sonicrealms Racing info thread
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Conquest beat us by 1 point in the end after someone got penalised who finished in front of CQ, so congrats to Conquest!!

Maybe next year
#202 - CSF


Jumping the gun ftw.
Our servers and ts are down, please use
Port: 9916
pw: 16h2010
#204 - CSF
Could just use old vent thats still existing.
Is there any plans incase the 500server problem affects the SR Fox League?
I am sure we will be able to sort something out. If 500 servers are still down by tomorrow midday, I shall be speaking to some friends
Hi! About 2 hrs to go, do you have any news?
Quote from sn-anthony :Hi! About 2 hrs to go, do you have any news?

FOX League won't be on today as we have no servers.
Cheers, was assuming was the case, just wanted to check, guess noone even knows who is in which race even if alternate server space is found?
Website is now working.......
At last, sorry about that guys, but nothing we could do about it.
Good that I read the thread, otherwise would have asked myself where the notification is.

I guess me being in Server 1 for once was too much for the website
Due to the server issues, this race will run in two weeks time - 24/10/2010. You will still be able to set pre-qual times up to 23/10/2010.

This should mean it doesn't clash with anything, as we had a race planned for that weekend. Hope this is OK and sorry for the inconvenience.
No problem

Thanks for the info.
Happy birthday Sebb.
Happy New Year from everyone in SR!

Hope 2011 brings some good things for the LFS community
Happy new years SR team!
Happy new year SR crew!
Happy new year, babies!

Sonicrealms Racing are proud to announce the 2nd edition of the SR Magazine. Click on the image above to open the magazine. You can also find the first issue here.

So this is it... the second issue of the Sonicrealms Racing Magazine.

As you might have noticed, this issue is not that big. Basically it’s just a few pages with some sim racing news and an interview with Sonicrealms Racing’s Velo. Oh, and then there’s the reason why we dug out the concept of the SR Magazine: a review about netkar Pro.

You may remember the first issue of the SR Magazine... or maybe not, it’s been ages since we released it.

Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and these days you have to be patient in the LFS scene.
Still, we hope you enjoy this issue, and who knows, maybe the next one won’t take two or three years. After all, Live for Speed S3 is just around the corner...

We hope you enjoy the magazine and please feel free to post any comments here.
good read
No crossword this time?
Nice initiative, nice layout.
Wow. Didn't expected that professional issue. It was really nice to read. Good luck in future

Sonicrealms Racing info thread
(310 posts, started )