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is as confused as me >.<
raced against him on cargame, he is faster
Eats Sciroccos.
he is chocolate
he crashes cars
Has 6 toes.
Doesen't lie about Latvians.
is a part of the slowest nation in the world
if bmw was a women, he would tap it
He likes to drive with 9 FPS.
Newbie moderator, although the best.
Freaked about BMWs
forever a demo!
his dog sh*ts apples
likes rallying
he's been waiting for the scirocco
#42 - PoVo
He doesn't notice the car is upside down in his avatar.
He dosen't race
he does race
Has fat avatar.
He's from a country with beautifull women
Probably has a funny accent!
Must somewhat look like his avatar.
Says eh alot. Fu myscho

Myscho made me fail post
Can't type my nickname properly.
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )