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2011 NASCAR Season
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If he then spins into a wall then sure
Quote from autosport :NASCAR has announced technical changes ahead of next month's Chase race at Talladega in an attempt to limit the tandem racing that has prevailed this year at restrictor-plate tracks.

Drivers will have available up to 10 horsepower more relative to the last time they raced at the 2.66-mile oval in the spring, after NASCAR decided to increase the size of the restrictor-plate opening by 1/64th of an inch up to 57/64ths.

Additionally, the relief valve on the car's cooling system will be re-calibrated to reduce pressure by around eight pounds per square inch, which should prevent engines from running on the edge of the temperature gauges for as long as before.


Will it work or will it fail?
Quote from JackDaMaster :sauce:

Will it work or will it fail?

Honest opinion: I think they'll just have to switch more often, and they'll flat fly (around 203 or so on average, and 210 at quickest [when sucking up to another tandom])

I like this idea better, but I still don't think it'll return raceing to the way that it used to be. I think it'll be alot more exciting this way though
Will be more packish until 2 to go. Exactly how it started, which is fine with me. Hopefully someone won't end up in the fence (literally) this time however.
Quote from PMD9409 :Will be more packish until 2 to go. Exactly how it started, which is fine with me. Hopefully someone won't end up in the fence (literally) this time however.

Eh.. I wouldn't be too sure... I think the drivers at the race were a little hesitant about using it.. We'll fine out here in a few weeks however
Hesitant about what? Pushing? Re-read what I said. It won't happen until 2 to go. Pushing for 90 seconds isn't going to end their day.
I mean at the race where Carl ended up in the fence. Drivers seemed pretty hesitant about it then.. I think they might just switch out every three or four laps this time. They will be in packs though most of the day I think, but not anything like normal... I think it'll be a little more chaotic than the tandom racing was even.
How big is the deal that #3 will be used full time next year in NNS and NCWTS by Childress' grandsons? From what I got to know through NASCAR coverage in Germany it is a sacrilege.
It's already been used by Austin for a couple years in the truck series.

Childress owned the number, and still does own the number. Dale made that number what it is, but in the end Childress owns it and can do what he wants with it. Do I agree with him? F**K no! But it's his money/property so it's one of those "whatever" things.
Tony's really making a run at this championship, let's see if he can hold it together for 8 more races.
As long as he doesn't pull a Biffle, it's all good.
That sucks, sounds like she'll heal though.
poor Jeff Gordon, last week ran out of fuel and this week almost did again due to pit road errors.
Carl Edwards and Jeff Gordon are looking pretty good here in first practice at Dover, but I think a few people are just now going out and taking serious mock qualifying runs.

Ambrose is putting down the best average lap though, and has the 7th quickest lap. Maybe he'll be able to race like that too, but i'm not going to get my hopes up.
Dover is a roller coaster with its elevation changes, so ambrose fast there doesn't surprise me. Plus the 9 car had always been fast there.
Rather eventless race. Tony really struggled though after winning the first 2 chase races. Johnson came back and made a stong performance, and so did Edwards. I'm sort of ready for Charlotte already... and 'Dega, which... I usually hate, but since Martin's not in the Chase.. I'm excited this year
Thy put a superspeedway, but no road course.

That is all.
cue "Jaws music"

48 is coming!
I agree... Road course race needs to be in the chase as well. Take out the Superspeedway race.
Pocono is getting repaved.

I don't remember seeing any definite articles about this beforehand but the track is already getting ripped up so its happening. Sounds like they're keeping the same configuration so that's good at least. Could be an exciting race next June with the shorter 400 mile race length and new pavement.
I knew about Pocono.. I actually think it might make racing a little better there... one of the few places that I might a agree with that

I always did like the track, but.. I didn't really like the pavement.
Bye Pocono that I love.
I don't think they're going to ruin the track, I just wish they could have started the project earlier so it could have been paved before winter and had time to weather a little bit. As it is now I don't see them getting the paving done before it starts snowing.
If you get any video footage of Phoenix btw, please post it up.

2011 NASCAR Season
(1063 posts, started )