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i've sent him a text to make sure he's aware of the issue.
teamspeak 3 down. Get to it when you have a chance please
2 days now our ts has been down dean. Any news?
Sorry to bug you but youhave not replied to my ticket yet! Hope everything is going ok
Just saw, that my USA hosted server is down too... CP shows unknown status...
Is anyone still having issues wig the uk hosted servers?????
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Same here.
Quote from tbofram :Is anyone still having issues wig the uk hosted servers?????

No issues with UK servers here - having 3 IPs..
Quote from baSh0r :Franky our Servers are down for days, so is our teamspeak. I can't even login to the WEB-PANEL which tells me "User is suspended."

TS is back up, but our servers are down for at least a week now. Anybody up for fixing it? Still also the Web-Panel error :\

i already pay the 2 invoices

can you star again the 3 servers

kind regards
Sorry, have been away.

Issues are sorted.

@Bashor, the service is suspended as the sponsorship deal had actually expired in March of last year. An e-mail had tried to be sent in December but it just came back as undeliverable.

@Neto_r, sorted, Thanks
Just saw that my server on the box is down...
So Franky, do you have some time for me now?
thats a scary question!... what did u have in mind?
The hosting, I sent you PMs some time ago.
Quote from Flame CZE :The hosting, I sent you PMs some time ago.

also still waiting for an answer to my pm(s)
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dean, our server is lagging horribly. (again)
Quote from Mustangman759 :dean, our server is lagging horribly. (again)

we had huge timeouts and lag spikes throughout the race. not very happy as it ruined multible team's race by either timeout or being flipped by lag
my S1 server yesterday still with a lot of lag

could you pls check it

any news dean? havent gotten a response to suppoert ticket or anything .
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No it isn't normal, and I suspect something is either drastically not working which is stopping them seeing the support tickets or they are having personal issues which is taking them away from here. When I have had a problem previously it has always been sorted quickly and professionally, so this is clearly something more serious.

I am not going to get angry at Dean/Franky500, no matter what the reason. It is just fortunate that we are not in the position where we need the servers for our league just yet.

Franky has been unreachable for a few days now. let's hope it's nothing serious.
That is quite wierd. Hopefully everything is ok.
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