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Hello, Victor.

I don't know if it's that you are too tired of doing this all and you don't want to read a few last posts or if it's something different. No offense, but I just can't understand why the requests weren't even answered :/.

Year or years ago I requested for some league section and you clearly told me that the league must be already running as the rules in 1st post say, but I can't see that for example "Apex Cup" wasn't already running and you still confirmed it :/ (sorry, Bont). Yes, it's pretty much sure it won't be a fail, but still and also that "GT3 Cup" wasn't even running and it was accepted as well.

So, I don't know why wasn't the Bump and Jump Revival Cup accepted. The organiser also did most of job on organising the same thing in last year and it is already running, people are signed up and website works as well. Well, he (Greybull [CHA]) requested for whole events organisation section (Tiger Express Events), so if this is the problem, just say it, please.

And then the Fun Racing League which is already running for a looooong time and has the website as well.

Anyway, if you had the patience to read this all, thank you and here I request again.

Please, here it is. If the non-running XF GTi is a problem to get Tiger Express Events, please create only Bump and Jump Revival Cup.

Tiger Express Events (main 1st level sub-section, moderators for all levels "Greybull [CHA]" and "Drift King CZ")
General website:
  • Bump and Jump Revival Cup (2nd level sub-section, already running, see below)
    The original section is here. Please move it into Tiger Express Events, rename it to "Bump and Jump Revival Cup" and create "Fall 09" section in it and move all the threads into it, except threads starting with "S10" (which means season 2010) and also "BnJ Revival Cup - Hall Of Fame", "BnJ Revival Cup - Website" and "Division B - Ballast system".Also, please add this banner to the forums? Link directing to

  • XF GTi Championship (2nd level sub-section, not running yet, ran last year, was succesful - as you can see here, GreyBull [CHA] was pretty much involved in the organisation)
    The original section is here. Please move it into Tiger Express Events and create another sub-section in XF GTi Championship called "Fall 2009" and move all the threads into it. (management change proof -
    • Introduction
    • Rules (last season's rules will be used)
    • We have a calendar too, but not announced yet.

Fun Racing League (main 1st level sub-section, moderators "Greybull [CHA]", "Lysergic" and "vourliotis")
General website:
Info, rules,... everything is there.

I hope I haven't forgot anything. Sorry for my English.
Thanks in any case.
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leagues and subsections
(703 posts, closed, started )