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The Inevitable Picture Thread IV: A New Funny
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Quote from Racer X NZ :Lots of pictures put together...

No, they are not pictures, those are videos. Pictures look something like this:

they are still, they don't move and this is the thread where we chose the ones that we think are funny and we share them here.

However, when you stumble upon a "lots of pictures put together" in a sequence that tricks our brains to believe that it's one "moving" picture and it's usually accompanied with appropriate sound that increases even more our belief that it's somehow "alive", we call them VIDEOS.

And for that kind of media presentation, someone was kind enough to open a separate thread, which is called "Hilarious video challenge", where you can find a collection of "lots of pictures put together" accompanied with sound in a way that makes us believe it's alive and moving, just like the ones you shared the links for in your post above and I'm sure those links of yours would've been much happier there, because.... they feel kind of lonely here... as if, somehow... they don't belong here...??

Ya right

(Yesterday, Ohio Representative Jim Jordan questioned FBI Director James Comey about the “Stonetear” Reddit posting. Director Comey admits that Stonetear is in fact Paul Combetta, and the “VERY VIP” was, indeed, Hillary Clinton.)

lolz Smile

Edit: It was.....

The 93 pages of posts were definitely worth reading Thumbs up
haha! good one!

When you realize it...
realize what?
that the pants are a bit wet?

The Inevitable Picture Thread IV: A New Funny
(3743 posts, started )