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As it's winter Down under ( I'm right, read that !) many of you (who haven't given Farcebook your first born to use the already outdated Occ Rift) will be considering a trip up here to experience summer. As everyone in Australia is descended from criminals or Aboriginals who survived colonisation, the wildlife will certainly try to kill you, you can't swim because sharks, jellyfish, fresh & saltwater crocs, and you can't get a proper beer cus Fosters and XXXX, (Aussi's can't spell beer !) I'm sure that a trip to Godzone (Hobbitville) is the sensible, life affirming choice. So, to make your trip easier and more enjoyable, here is a Nuova Zelanda guide to speaking the lingo....

Naturally, being from the NZ Herald, here is the erata....

Bach, a correctional facility in the north island.
Crib, a correctional facility in the middle/south island(s).

Explanation (Even for some of the Jaffa Kiwi's Smile)

Always blow on the PI
"Safer Communities Together"

O for Awesome

Ghost Chips Who want's to look dumb in front of Monique ?

Yeah, Nah, "No more beersies for you"

Welcome to your tour of Hobbiton.
"The Shires™ Rest cafe is conveniently located at the Entrance to Hobbiton Movie Set. You can relax and soak up the unique atmosphere with a great cup of coffee or a light meal in The Shires Rest Cafe."

is clearly, sadly lacking there though ......

"The cultivation and exportation of this herb became a key industry in the Shire, especially in the south. Popular varieties of pipe-weed included Longbottom Leaf, Old Toby, and Southern Star from the Shire. Perhaps less popular was Southlinch from Bree.

The Wizard Gandalf learned to smoke pipe-weed from the Hobbits and was often seen blowing smoke-rings. Saruman initially derided him for this, but at some point he took up smoking himself. and even had commerce with the Shire: After the destruction of Isengard, pipe-weed was found among its stores, but the Hobbits Merry and Pippin failed to realize the sinister implications." Cool

Enjoy your visit.

" In the Shire Store you can purchase a wide range of products and in the Ticketing Office the friendly staff can assist you in booking your tour of Hobbiton Movie Set.

Make sure you allow plenty of time to allow a visit to our store and soak up the themed atmosphere and browse the many items we have for sale.

These include hand-crafted items from Weta Studios, our exclusive Southfarthing beverages, woollen products, cloaks from Stansborough Fibres, books and memorabilia from Hobbiton Movie Set."
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Ok the business cat is pretty funny Smile
More business cat please.
Dennis, just search it up on Google images!
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