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The Inevitable Picture Thread IV: A New Funny
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That looks so cuddly. <3
Quote from The Very End :Ffs

Spiders are scary sons of bioches More scary than a fast bee flying at ya. Their "stinger" and "venom" are so painful, you really need to run for your life.


A part of the female body that I'm not going to say dictates guitar design ?

Please name an awesome female guitarist, seriously, I can name a number of males, but, other than the Slits, I'm really pushing it to name any females who play lead or bass who should dictate guitar design.

TBH, I'd really like to hear of a female who can, through her skill, may have led to this.

( Actually, I think it's really disappointing ! )

Quote from ACCAkut :

We used to do that to my mate's Metro at uni. He was monumentally, comically bad at parking, so he'd park vaguely close to the kerb, phone us, and we'd come out, pick it up and 'park' it for him.
Quote from ACCAkut :

Oh, the Lada 2108, it has a pretty light rear, I miss mine. Especially it's 20cm clearence when I found my Corolla in a 50cm snow and spent 3 hours digging my way to the road today.
Ford Fiesta
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old but still funny

Ford Galaxy.

The Inevitable Picture Thread IV: A New Funny
(3743 posts, started )