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It reminds me alot of the F1 cars from the early 90s.

I love it
GP2 and GP3 live on Sky...

Quote :Sky have confirmed they will broadcast GP2 and GP3 live on their F1 channel in 2012:

Sky Sports viewers will get a glimpse into the future of motorsport with live coverage of the GP2 and GP3 series on Sky Sports F1 HD.

Coverage will complement the Formula 1 programming on the channel, offering UK and Irish motor racing fans even more racing. Subscribers can also watch online or on tablet and mobile devices with Sky Go at no extra charge.

Sky Sports F1 HD’s weekly magazine show, presented by Georgie Thompson and Ted Kravitz, will also provide coverage, analysis and discussion of the races which follow the Formula 1 World Championship across the world to the likes of Monaco, Monza and Silverstone, Spa and Singapore.

Executive Producer Martin Turner said: “We are delighted to be showing GP2 and GP3 live on Sky Sports F1 HD. There are six former GP2 champions in Formula 1 this season, including Lewis Hamilton and last year’s winner Romain Grosjean. The series promises nail-biting and fascinating racing and we’ll track gifted drivers through the ranks as they aim for Formula 1.”

Like Formula 1, GP2 and GP3 cars are single seaters. The two series share constructors, engine manufacturers and tyre suppliers, although GP2 cars are bigger and faster, with larger, more powerful engines. GP3 is seen as a feeder series to GP2, generating exciting wheel-to-wheel racing. Last season’s GP3 champion Valtteri Bottas is currently a Williams F1 test driver.

The 12-round 2012 GP2 series will begin in Malaysia on 23 – 25 March and follows a global circuit through 10 countries. Sky Sports F1 HD will show the two races per weekend; a feature race and a shorter sprint race.

Current GP2 series team champions Barwa Addax will be looking to retain their title with two new drivers starting on the grid in the 2012 season. With 2011 GP2 Drivers champion Romain Grosjean moving to Formula 1 in 2012 to race alongside Kimi Raikonnen for Lotus team, the 13 teams and 26 drivers will battle to find a new champion this season.

The GP3 series circuit moves around European race tracks in eight rounds, and ten teams will race both feature and sprint races on consecutive days. This coming 2012 season, the team behind the newly-named Lotus GP will be looking to make it three out of three seasons at the top of both the driver and team podiums and emerge double champions yet again.

Also, Ferrari's launch tomorrow is cancelled due to snow...

Quote :New Ferrari launch cancelled because of snow

Maranello, 2 February – There was no let up from the snow last night, which continued to fall on Maranello and the surrounding area and the situation does not appear to be changing this morning. The forecast is still bad both in terms of predictions of more snow fall and of a further drop in temperature.

Therefore, the decision has been taken to cancel the presentation ceremony for the new car, which was to have taken place at 10.30 tomorrow. The decision was taken because of the weather conditions and because of the difficulties that would have faced the 300 or so people due to attend from the team partners, the authorities and representatives of the media in their attempts to get to Maranello.

Photographs and all technical information relating to the car, along with exclusive interviews, will be available to all on

sometimes i wonder about TV companies and their press announcements, sky announce this now yet it was known before christmass, i know they need to generate interest but don't announce it like it's a new deal, just do a statement giving full details.

nice to see motors tv are showing the gp3 highlights for non sky customers, at the moment i'm really impressed with how motors tv are upping their game this year, the NASCAR coverage was a big surprise and they have seem to have grasped that there's demand for endurance racing to be covered properly. i guess they're riding on the back of the increased interest in sat coverage of motorsport that skyF1 has generated.

i just hope that eurosport manage to stop messing their motorsport coverage round by cutting to snooker etc in the early rounds at the expense of live motorsport events
And they're keeping Valencia? WHY!
Quote from (-Mark-) :And they're keeping Valencia? WHY!

I'm assuming it's perhaps as obvious to you as it is to me, but $$$.
Quote from Article :[...]or perhaps even bringing the Le Mans shorter Bugatti circuit up to Formula One standards.

blame spa, they can't afford a race every year so want to share, if the only alternative is no spa at all i'll accept a french GP every 2 years. it also has the advantage of making the german GP more secure with fans traveling from either belgium or france

valencia are trying to do the same deal with someone, since barcelona is also struggling a bit i won't be surprised if they end up sharing the spanish GP
Quote from bbman :DON'T YOU DARE TOUCHING EVEN 1mm!!!

Why? It has changed so much over the years anyway.
Quote from GreyBull [CHA] :Why? It has changed so much over the years anyway.

Not suited to F1 anyway. If it was deemed crap in '67 it'll be even worse now.
Quote from JackDaMaster :Not suited to F1 anyway. If it was deemed crap in '67 it'll be even worse now.

To be honest it could only look crap comparing to the Ring and the old Spa

I might be wrong, but AFAIK the reason why it was dropped was the poor attendance?
I always thought it was because the drivers thought it was a mickey-mouse circuit.
LOL, new Ferrari is even uglier than the Caterham
So, where do those noses come from? What regulation / idea is behind it?

Would be a true shame to see Spa swap with France every now and then, however the Paul Ricard circuit is a sweet one allowing a lot of agressive driving and passing. So that makes up a lot of my FFFFFFFFFFFF. But yeah, they'd better throw out a boring track like Valencia. Spa doesn't generate enough funds: Wallonian governement doesn't subsidise enough and the event itself is not profitable for some reason, I'd not be surprised if corruption had to do with that. Dropping visitors also has to do with the globalisation of F1 I think: such distant locations making it a "too far from their bed show", the casual F1 viewers forgeting about F1, dropping interest due to the high prices (going with your family to a F1 race in Spa is might expensive!), ...
The Ferrari does not look as bad as caterham or force india imho.

Blowing the exhaust into the brake ducts is neat though and I'd expect macca to do the same. Force india has very basic exhausts though...
I feel sick
Well we're getting even lower noses in the years to come so this is only temporary. Ferrari appear to have been let loose with a lego set by the looks of it though.

Excusing the step nose though the FI is looking very refined.

Wing dimensions are still shit though, no amount of time will get me used to them
It's going to take me a long time to get used to these cars now, and this comes from someone who got used to the 2009-spec cars straight away.
At least for me the pullrod suspension on the front of the Ferrari is very surprising. Extremely hard to fix if it doesn't work
The noses kinda have a mid 70's flava about them with the fugged up step-up shit goin on.

It is amazing how the teams follow the rules to the word now! If it's the nosecone that has to be lower, they lower the nosecone and keep the rest of the front at the same height as before. I think that's good proof of how far the teams have gone searching for loopholes.
I just have a bad feeling that those platypuss nosecones won't help the teams aerodynamically, and so far imo McLaren is the one that is doin' it right atm.

EDIT: Just found this in my subscriptions list.
Good grief that is one ulgy car.
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