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Quote from joen :Did this one, I hope you like it

...nice...great job...thank you!!!!
People are just very paranoid with "demoers" and S2 content. But you seem to have account in LFSW so
as far as I'm concerned I don't have a problem with doing renders for anyone.
I can't do a render of your skin though, and the reason for it is quite simple, I don't have a scene for that car. I'm working on it though, but I'm like working on scenes for 5 different cars at the same time and the progress is slow because I'm a noob at this and i'm not satisfied easily
And I don't want to take pre-made scenes and use those, because that way i don't have any fun doing it I'm sorry but that's just the way I look at it.

In all fairness though, people doing renders here do this totally voluntarily. So they do it when they feel like it. It's not like they're watching this thread for requests all day And rendering takes quite some time and computer resources. People want to race too, and I wouldn't recommend playing LFS while rendering on the same PC
Anyway, I hope someone else can render your skin soon

@ Stix: glad you like it
Had a quick go at make a higher res version of that gold leaf skin. It's not perfect by any means, but I like it.
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lx4 gold leaf.jpg
Quote from tristancliffe :Had a quick go at make a higher res version of that gold leaf skin. It's not perfect by any means, but I like it.

Oh bloody hell, you mean i've just waisted the last three hours of my life doing another one lol

Seriously though, those logo's are top notch but, i must say, the "gold" nose cone seems to be the same colour as the Thai curry i had last night

Sunday's are always busy days for me, so i only had time to get the paint on the 2048, but i had to stop, coz i was starting to see line's that wer'nt there, and was constantly trying to paint over smudge's on the screen illepall

Still, its another damn fine render

Just noticed the funky little mirrors , and i've been struggling with deciding on the colour of the light cowling, +, when i use it online, i tend to have the wheels white on the LX4, but gold on the LX6.

I also have a Firestone set of tyre's dds if you want them. (is it dds, or another file name )
Back to work on it. Improved the gold colour a bit, and added a firestone logo on the nose cowl, although I couldn't find one with the crossed flags. Is it me or has brandsoftheworld suddenly become rubbish?

Light pods - I tried black, white, dark red, gold and they look naff. So I've stuck with the normal red, with a little gold band at the front.

Tyres - The road cars don't have sidewall mapping on the CMX's, so it's not just a case of loading an image. I'll have to play with the mapping and make a sidewall texture that works, and that isn't the work of 5 minutes, so you'll have to be happy with plain sidewalls for now
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lx4 gold leaf.jpg
Wow'za, just keeps getting better

I'm trying a few extra little details here and there, but my demo version of Photoshop has expired, so i'm back to using Gimp, but, it's not as user friendlyor as good as PS, so is slow progress.

If you give me half an hour i'll collect a few of the better logo's, Firestone with flags, caterham 7 badge etc and post them here.

The lights and mirrors are a pain, also been trying a carbon fibre look, but, nothing seems to fit with the rest of the paint job.

[edit] here's some 60's style logo's, and a few others, the quality's not so great on the 2nd set (they're more or less taken from the original skin, so they're scaled down, but i can't find the originals coz for the life of me i can't remember where i got them )

[edit2]Added 2048 skin for TC
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Carbon fibre texture courtesy of Master Skinnerz admin Bunta.

N.B stretch compensated to 2048 sq

.rar'd since the jpg is too big to attach.
Quote from Jacob GmbH :I ask you one more time. Please, render this skin. I hope, there's friednly person, who can make this


Finally done, 2:10am. Fixed the greyness, made some nicer tyres.. I'm happy, hope you like it
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could someone render my new FZR personal skin please?

id like it with 2 of the cars so the front and back are both shown

skin is 2048 rez as usual

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Here is one I did >

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Another, and yes, I know the dash is a funny colour, but for some reason I couldnt fix it

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sweet cheers dan and kev i like em both
@ Ryanry64 or. danowat

can you make me a Render???

FZR Skin

MfG Michi Thx
Would have been better with a higher-res (read better quality) skin, but here you go .

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big thx
Also one from me
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Hows this >

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Quote from danowat :Hows this >


wow amazing

what you use scens for bf1 to 3d max ?
I cobbled together my own, I could'nt find a decent one, so I used a scene from , I use these great scenes in other renders, and just put the BF1 model into one of those scenes.

I do not understand your statement (linguistic barrier)
I use scens from this webside which you passed but it has not to bf1 there

Render My Skin
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