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That tyre texture actually looks better than I thought it would.

My only complaint is that the car itself is looking a little too shiny for a matte background, I know your personal preference is for quite shiny cars, but I must admit I would prefer if you wound it down but only by a little.

Thanks for taking the time over this, I understand the uni thing, I finish in 8 weeks myself.... so obviously don't spend too much of your time on it, unless you fancy treating it as a learning experience /chance to play with "stuff"
i gave it a try with the FXO,hope you like it
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Another go (whilst my dinner cooked )

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Now that I like Tyres look great!

I can always get all photshop on it if I ever want it to look really shiny anyway.
those tyres are dead sexy tristan
Hurrah, at last - a happy Smax and a happy Jok3r too to boot! Glad you like it. No other constructive comments or will that do? If we carried on until it was perfect we'd be here for months cos I'm simply too much of a 3DS Noob to get closer to reality in a short space of time.

If you ARE happy with that I can bang out a larger render at your say so. Could even go twice as big as that, but it'll take a couple of hours, in which case I start it rendering when I go on to campus tomorrow.
If you can go to twice that size [which is presumably 2048x1536?] without making your machine decide to reboot halfway through then hell let's have it twice as big

Yes, I am more than happy with the scene as is, The matte background will be well suited to paper, the contrast on the car is just about right, well maybe you could pump it up a tiny amount say a coupla % or so but only if you like
Any other alterations can be done by me and my photoshop.

Thank you for spending so much of your time on this, and a particular well done on the tyres, they've come out much better than I ever expected them to, and your sidewall texture compliments the tread pattern very nicely
It's nearly ready :D
Soon to be released - the best, most real render I have even done. Some of you might like to point out flaws in it, and compare me poorly against the really good renderers, both here (Morrow, Sniiki, Orion, et al) or on the internet, and one day I do hope to be as good as them. But I say pffff, I'm enjoying learning and fiddling and playing with options without knowing what's gonna happen. Maybe one day I'll be the one pushing the boundaries of LFS renders (cough, yeah right, cough ).

I don't want to spoil the end results (unless you've already seen the WIP versions ), so I tried to cover it up. But I only had this really crap bit of tarpaulin, so you still get a glimpse of the finished article. Oh well, next time I'll go out and buy either a bigger bit or at the very least a nicer bit, but I'm a student so what do you expect

Grande unveiling will be tomorrow afternoon (whilst it renders during the day)

And yes, this is just a blatent excuse to play with cloth reactors... :P
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Too much caffeine in your diet son illepall
lol tristan.. im waiting for this!
tristan must be sleeping under that *soaks in petrol*
yes! i cant wait to see (erm.. besides the fact i've seen the skin before )
Here it is!!! Resized from the 2560*2048, 4.21MB original png file.

Now some of you are thinking "wait a minute, thats the same as last time", but of course it's not quite. Look at the teeny details, like the chalk on the tyre sidewall and the red/blue lines in the center of the tread like a real cars has. Notice the subtle reflections on the surface of the car.

But most of all, notice the complete lack of naff looking fabric drapes over it

Hope you like it Smax. It only took 55 minutes apparently so if you'd like any details changing it's perfectly dooable. For example the wheels - somehow they got a rough look to them even though there isn't any bump/displacement mapping on them. Don't know how that happened, but I bet I can fix it (eventually). But I'm sure you can work with them in Photoshop so it's not as obvious.

Edit: Re did it to improve the simply ghastly wheels (not the tyres, they're drool worthy imo).

Edit2: Thought I'd see what a slick looks like with this material. The ONLY change I have made is to remove the displacement map and the custom 'wets' texture (and replaced it with my standard slicks texture I've used for weeks).
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Wow, amazing! How did you get the wheels look so real?
A combination of trial and error, educated guesses and Nuse' contstructive critisism.

Oh, and I've gone and clicked render again, and this time I'm 99% sure the wheels (the metally bit that some people call 'rims') won't be so horrid and more like the 'previews'. 54 minutes too go, and I'll edit this post and the previous one when it's done, as well as uploading the new one.

Edit: 58 minutes and 27 seconds. Wheels a hell of a lot nicer now in my opinion, much more like the previews
Well I suppose I can make do with it

No seriously I am delighted by it and very grateful to you for spending so much of your time on this work for me.

I am strictly 2dSMax, there's no way I could have pulled that off by myself.

It'll be interesting to see the look on my programme leader's face when I tell her that texture design for video games is a perfectly relevant area of graphic design, and it doesn't all have to be about semiotics, and the looks on my coursemate's faces when they see it 'cos they're all a bunch of petrol heads. I'm tempted to see just how big I can print it...A1 poster size might look quite nice I think.

THANK YOU TRISTAN, now all I have to do is "brand" it for my portfolio, I take it your name is actually Tristan Cliffe? [for credit purposes... stupid question I know ]
Yup, none of this 'Bob Smith' pseudonym malarky for me
Glad you like it...
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First time.
This is my first time asking this for a render. I know roughly how long it takes to fully render a skin (i am trying to learn but not having time at min ) So if someone has the time could you render one or both of these skins for me please.
They are for the FZ50 GTR and the FOX as the file name suggests.
Much thanks.
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Quote from Greboth :This is my first time asking this for a render. I know roughly how long it takes to fully render a skin (i am trying to learn but not having time at min ) So if someone has the time could you render one or both of these skins for me please.
They are for the FZ50 GTR and the FOX as the file name suggests.
Much thanks.

I wish I could make the wheels as nice as Tristan makes 'em But from my side you'll have to do it with this
FZR Render running now.
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Quote from [FuLLocK]JoK3R :try again ^_^

any one wanna render this skin for me.

Sure, hang on.

Edit: there you go, don't understand why you've mirrored the one side though...? Probably not on purpose? FYI you can't just copy-mirror one side to another when u use text on it...
Edit2: Oh well, cos I found out too late you might not have done that on purpose, here's a render from the other side.
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haha thanks for that

yea i dont know why i did that, i might update it
Tristan thats AWESOME!!

Render My Skin
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