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Render My Skin
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Ok Done 2 more Hope there Ok now
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Thanks .
BlueSkunk Heres Yours i Only done one because you Havent replied saying weither you still want it done Hope its ok

. Cheers Dazza-289
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BlueSkunk FX GTR.jpg
Well, for now on if you want that MorroW Designs render your skin, you have to send us e-mail.

So, what you have to do:
Send e-mail to and add that information:

Skin author - LFS nickname or full name.
Referenc picture - Check out or add attach/send url
Skin - use attach function or add url. Skin must be at least 1024x1024. One skin per e-mail only!*
Comments - whatever you want to add.

Render will be ready within 72h or I send you e-mail if there is some problem.
Render itself will be uploaded in gallery and link will be send via e-mail to you.
Common render size is 1024x768. If you need bigger, please explain that. Rendering 1600x1200 is not so fun at all

* I don't want to see that somebody send us 10 skins and asks 50 render.
We do all that work free, so please don't take advantage of our time and work.
Be reasonable

Tago "MorroW" Kalbri
Hi all & happy new year

There was a long time i didn't post here My job's position changes and i have less time for LFS and 3D
I see that there is more and more great renders now. That's a good point.

@Morrow; it's a sympathetic initiative you made
Hi, anyone can render this RB4 skin pls? Some subtle scene would be great, but I'll satisfied with classic render too Thx
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Hi Guy's.

I need a new background for my desktop... Can one of you guys render my Team Skin?

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Ok Am Doing it now for you shld be done in around an hour
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erm, I didnt really read into this thread but I suppose I can post a skin and get it rendered? If so then...
thanks in advance!
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Ok having some trouble rendering the fz5 ill retry the skin again
and i can do the xrt
hey thanks if you mean me
just PM it when your done please
Thx Spurs!! Great Job
XXXg3 Your car is rendering a.t.m i will Pm you once its done and will post it on here if its ok with you. I want to post it on here to see what people think and what i can improve on
hi dazza,

thanks for the render, i like it :-) one question, though, it seems to me that reslution is rather low. is that possible? i have 800x600 renders that are a lot less pixelated when magnified. anyway, i very much appreciate your effort.

thanks a lot
For XXXg3
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Wow! That's sweet. Thanks a lot Dazza!
can somebody render my skin please?
Its my new FZ5 Skin
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Ok i done this one for XXg3 and man will people stop butting in unless i say otherwise i am rendering the skin so why other people do it ill never know its FU**ING ANNOYING illepallillepall heres my render of it..

The file is 1024 x 768 all mine are as that is the size of my desktop
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If you want more renders, just say it
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Quote from Martin Deutschland :can somebody render my skin please?
Its my new FZ5 Skin

here it is, was a try... if u want another one... just say it

p.s. ider frag auf unserer Seite
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Quote from Spurs :If you want more renders, just say it

Lovely! Thanks very much Spurs.

If Anyone got time I would be EXTREMELY pleased if you would be som kind to help me with a render of this skin

Best regards
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Render My Skin
(10002 posts, started )