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300 Skylines.
Looking forward to the improved course maker, hopefully if can do long A to B country style roads or hill climb courses now
Quote :Enhancements and improvements also extend to a much-improved course maker function, which will provide several kilometers of gorgeous scenery, including the magnificent backdrop of Andalucía. The course maker will also include a new GPS data feature, which will increase the freedom of track creation in the game.

New tyre/physics model they say

One pic shows track conditions with temperature
Dynamic leaves on Autumn ring

edit 2- full 25min presentation

GT6 will use adaptive tesselation!

Soft shadows in interior - GT5 didn't have that

A lot more body roll than GT5...

Doesn't this feel a little bit rushed? I don't know, should've been a PS4 launch tittle and not compatible with PS3.
Quote from Boris Lozac :Doesn't this feel a little bit rushed? I don't know, should've been a late PS4 launch tittle and not compatible with PS3.

Install base? 70 Million PS3...
In all previous years there were two GT game for every PS console so I guess its only logical its the same now.

I just hope they actually improve GT6 and as every previous GT it will be a game which sets standards and they dont releasing it now, just because they want to start working on GT for PS4.
hopefully all the cars will have proper interiors modeled in gt6. I am looking forward to trying the overhauled physics and graphics. GT5 was very disappointing physics wise, and there are a few annoying graphical bugs
First game play footage

KTM X-Bow at Silverstone ... mbedded&v=2WZxx4XTzFI

Quote :So, what does Polyphony Digital’s all-new physics engine feel like? It’s hard to describe, but let’s just say I think it will be hard to go back to Gran Turismo 5 after having experiencing GT6.

With traction control disabled and ABS set to 1 (I didn’t notice SRF was “on”…ugh, sorry!), it felt difficult to be “quick” around the track. However, the car was also easier to control, as if I had a better sense of the level of grip available at each wheel and exactly what the car was doing. It felt good.

When I play an older Gran Turismo game, I notice a kind of “numbness” or “dullness” in the handling characteristics of the cars, after having become accustomed to GT5. Now, I think I will feel the same way about GT5 the next time I play it.

The audio which you hear in the video was recorded via the television’s line-out headphone jack. It’s mono (single channel) sound, and doesn’t quite represent the sound that I could hear through the TV’s speakers. Although it’s not a radical change, I did notice a rougher, more visceral texture in the engine note that was more satisfying than what’s provided in GT5.

Now he is feeling the numbness? Who wrote that?
Quote from JazzOn :Now he is feeling the numbness? Who wrote that?

Jordan, the owner/admin of GTPlanet
I will most probably get this on the release date just like I did with gt5. Despite the obvious shortcomings I've played gt5 more than any other racing game in the past 3 years and personally I just love it when you can jump into an online race without any practise and just get on with it.

Looking at that xbow vid my only concern at the moment is the lack of bonnet view. The cockpit view in gt5 was always unplayable for me because of the low fps, slow responsiveness of the car, random rubber neck movement and general lack of feedback about what the car was doing.

I really hope pd will bring back some of the classic gt tracks from earlier versions. Like, Special Stage R11, rome, seattle, apricot hill, red rock valley, midfield and el capitan.
Quote from Hyperactive :The cockpit view in gt5 was always unplayable for me because of the low fps, slow responsiveness of the car, random rubber neck movement and general lack of feedback about what the car was doing.

The cockpit shake totally killed the view for me, it was unplayable when driving over 60km/h.
Quote from Matrixi :The cockpit shake totally killed the view for me, it was unplayable when driving over 60km/h.

This. I love the cockpit view, but the shake makes me go to bumpercam instead.
Whats with the over saturation now? It looks very "Forza"
Filmed off a screen? Looks that way...
it's the same across the official trailer.
Because more saturation is ALWAYS better? :-p Never mind enthusiasts, consumers want MORE of everything. Everything louder than everything else!

I never liked consoles and never considered GT5 as a real sim, but a year ago I couldn't resist the temptation to get T500RS + TH8RS Shifter + Speedmasters V2 cockpit + GT5 + PS3 to drive and collect all the Japanese cars that I love. Even though the game has some really annoying things, the overall experience has been great, and after almost a year and more than 20.000km, I'm still enjoying it.

Changes that I would love to see:

- No more standard cars, just premium
- Proper audio, especially engine sounds. I don't give a damn if the current ones are recorded from the engine bay, most of them sound like shit.
- Proper AI that allows you to have proper races. You start last at 60 seconds from the first car... is that what you call close racing?
- Faster and cleaner menu system. It feels so laggish, every time you press X takes few seconds for the action to happen, making all the navigation too slow.
- Rally is a joke. Please, either re-do it from scratch or simply remove it from the game. No need to explain why.
- Proper simulation of the clutch and please, fix this annoying thing that you misshift when shifting up too quickly while hitting the rev limiter.
- Driving aids only on the cars that have them for real. For example, not possible to activate ABS in a Caterham or stability control in a Countach.
- Proper body roll, especially pitching. In GT5 looks like slow motion and there is some delay when and after braking.
- Proper graphic car damage, and you have to fix it or the car would be in the same condition for the next race.
- More international cars instead of 35 versions of the Mazda MX5... there are some cars missing that just can not be missing.
- Support for triple screen without needing 3 consoles...
- And of course a bit more hardcore in overall

For the rest, just the expected improvements from a new title: physiscs, graphics, force feedback and so on.

Quote from Hyperactive :...The cockpit view in gt5 was always unplayable for me...

Regarding the cockpit view, I think it looks cool but is just wrong. My steering wheel is my real steering wheel and my dashboard is my desk/cockpit, so what I see on my screen is supposed to be what I see through the windshield... I use the bumper camera, but the ideal would be the postion of the dashboard camera with no dashboard. Anyway, custom cameras just like LFS would be great.
Judging from that X-Bow video the sound still makes every car sound like a vacuum cleaner. And no, the X-Bow is turbo, not supercharged. The sound for me was the biggest minus in GT5s curriculum. And I don't get why they couldn't assign some premium cars sound data to lets say all other standard cars with the same displacement, cylinder number and aspiration mode (= all those 2.0 i4 turbos).
According to the Owner of Gt planet who was at the launch, the feeling of body roll is much more apprent with this new model.

Hopefully thats true.

Also i hope they take more Drivers in their academy program and do Australia more then once dammit!
Quote from ACCAkut :Judging from that X-Bow video the sound still makes every car sound like a vacuum cleaner.

But then, IIRC that was actually a complaint about the real x-bow too...
Preview from Eurogamer with some new/extended scenes...

gameplay vids from Silverstone event
Quote :A lap on the Gran Turismo 6 demo. Silverstone International Circuit (aka the South Circuit) in Gordon Murray's Light Car Company Rocket single seater, which was a complete nightmare to drive.

No more grass rev limiting!

GT academy guys

Quote :An onboard lap of Silverstone's South circuit with 2012 GT Academy winner Wolfgang Reip on a demo of Gran Turismo 6.

Quote from JJ72 :Whats with the over saturation now? It looks very "Forza"

Greater dynamic range on the HDR lighting (according to kaz) I guess
Which should get rid of the banding and dithering that GT5 had....


Apparently Bathurst has been comfirmed for GT6

Also physics impressions

Quote :It's been suggested to me that I post my thoughts on the GT6 demo in here as I have just written them out for Jordan elsewhere, I got to spend about an hour or so testing the combos and getting comfortable with it during the 15th anniversary event. Here are my thoughts:

I actually spent more than an hour on the GT6 demo, both the previous build and the last minute update build that Kaz and his team brought to the show that we installed literally less than an hour before people got on the pods.

Now I spent a loooooooooooooooooot of time on GT5 Prologue and GT5 on the wheel, so I felt the change in physics straight away. I drove without driving aids except ABS set to 1, SRF was turned off, and the cars were much more sensitive and jittery, especially the race cars. The Kazunori GTR from Nurb 24hr was especially difficult. So you had to be much more gentle on throttle and careful with steering input but the smoother you were, the more reward there was. Cars like the Dino and Countach were *utterly* sublime. The lower power meant you could really coax them around the tight International circuit and it was such a pleasure. Definite improvement in physics, Lucas agreed with us as well that you could feel more of the car's weight shift and behaviour and where grip was - that's not to say it was any easier to hold onto the grip! Alex (GTP_Ingram - former UK GT Academy Silverstone finalist), myself and even the Academy champs were spinning quite regularly in the first few laps, even at seemingly innocuous corners. I think the race tyres are more challenging than before, but the lower grip tyres are even more satisfying now.

By the end of the day I was desperate to spend more time on it because the physics were most pleasant, but for sure without driving aids the game is now even more of a challenge than before.

Regarding dampers, I actually don't think I have any useful feedback. All I know is the rumbles on Silverstone were brutal if you hit them with any sort of decent steering angle going on with the settings I was running with. Only the GT3 SLS AMG was able to negotiate them with any sort of composure. That car was fabulous by the way, could push and push and push.

The KTM test driver was quite impressed with the X-bow's physics in the game, so that's quite an endorsement. Although he did feel it felt slower and less grippy in the game than he felt it should be, but we explained that he was comparing it to the Nurb GTR which was on race tyres and mucho powerful. Poor guy spent nearly 20 laps trying to get close to Alex's ghost

All the best

http://www.computerandvideogam ... than-just-a-numbers-game/

Quote :If you play using manual gears, you'll be struck by how much more notice you need to take of your revs when downshifting. Previously cars would accommodate a flurry of downshifts in a split second without even a hint of lock-up from the rear, but just two corners in we nearly binned the Nismo by clicking down to second while the revs were too high.

Lol @ the above two images.

They managed to make the game look even worse. Oh well, they have leaves flying now.
There are some massive differences in gt5 with the cars as well. Most cars understeer like brick and generally it is almost impossible to tune out the earth shattering understeer. Some other cars feel pretty decent though and while you can not really drive through a corner in small slip angle you can still push and the car responds with under or oversteer. S2000 with confort softs can be fun, the maclaren f1 gtr with some setup work and hard tiers can drive nicely and some other cars are fine too. Some of the cars are absolutely bizarre though like the formula cars.

A bit worried about the spinning comments though.

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