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Quote from Inouva :Wow, actualy the Ai was improved, the yellow Ruf was chasing you all over the track for drafting..

Realy cool!

They always did that. Most noticeable on the Fuji track.

Quote from dawesdust_12 :The AI is actually not as atrocious as people seem. They do yield to blue flags actually quite decently, and they are a lot better for passing. Not fantastic, but not as braindead as before.

I'm not used to them doing that yet. When they pull off the race line, it's always where I want to be, because I'm going around them as I'm used to, and I end up runing into the back of them.
When i try to go to the lobby it checks network enviroment, then freezes then says an error has occurred in the lobby server (307) Any ideas?
Quote from pearcy_2k7 :When i try to go to the lobby it checks network enviroment, then freezes then says an error has occurred in the lobby server (307) Any ideas?

reboot game
I always get "wrong version" errors, even though I have the latest version.
I've never been able to go online though i can go in seasonal events and the online dealership. I also get logged out of PSN quite alot.
Oh look, v1.05 allows you to select more that one car in Photo travel mode!

... jk, it doesn't. -_-
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Has anyone tried those Seasonal Time Trial events? I did the second one, where everyone chose the RX8 on Rome. I'm 5 seconds late, is it my problem, or the people are not running it stock? And the combo is :vomit: Funny how this game can vary so much depending on car/track/tires combo.. one time it's NFS Pursuit, the other it's an awesome sim...
In the drift trials all the top scores are Buick Specials? (On Tskuba atleast) And the top scorer is using Active Steering.. -____-
Quote from flymike91 :has anyone played the AI in forza and gt? Which one is better? I would imagine that they're pretty similar in that once you pass them, they're gone forever but I don't know for sure. Its always weird when you battle a car for 3 or more laps and when you finally pass them its like they give up.

I played Forza 3 for the first time about 2 months ago while on holiday with some family, and on AI pace it wins so handily it is embarrassing. On medium level they are quicker than GT5 AI and on slow are still smoother drivers(none of the multi braking zone, braking on apex crap, the GT5 AI does). On hard I had a very hard time winning with the controller, with the wheel it got easier but was still a really fun time(and actually the most competitive AI on any console game I've played), I actually had to try really hard when out-braking them and if I did get alongside enough they tryed to hold on around the outside.

Also just in general racing with them I could be right behind them and brake at my normal spot keep with them through the corner and do a whole lap, keeping a good pace but not go past, in GT5 I would have rear ended him or had to evade him at every corner due to the really really early braking.

GT5 is more fun for some reason but on:
  • Tuning(the sheer amount of stuff you can do)
  • Setup(same as above)
  • Car count of cars you actually WANT to drive(MORE Ferraris, Lambos, Porsche, MANY race cars in the form of V8 Supercars, LMP1, LMP2, GT1, GT2 cars and LESS prius, samba bus, station wagons etc)
  • AI(faster faster faster)
  • Customization(Immense number of colours, wheels. Ability to paint any car anyway you want, with stickers and paint and and and. Artsy people must love it.
  • Events(SO MANY, in groups of power, class, make, real life classes, Drag races, point to point races)
It is so beaten by Forza 3 its ridiculous esp considering it took so long to make in comparison.
Quote from brandons48 :In the drift trials all the top scores are Buick Specials? (On Tskuba atleast) And the top scorer is using Active Steering.. -____-

Just noticed with the Lamborghini Gallardo. The aero parts are identical to the SuperLeggera.

So If you want an LP570-4 SuperLeggera just put the correct aero parts on the normal Gallardo.

Just made a new B spec guy.

Named: J.Bond aka 007 James Bond
Quote from danowat :Arcade and practice in GT life

I've had cosmetic damage whilst racing before now though

They need to fix leaderboards so driving aids are on a different leaderboard all together. I don't wanna see what the fastest person can do with all assists on ffs.... This what I HOPED PD wouldn't do, the leaderboards will be just as retarded as the Forza ones........
List of "hidden" (i.e. not mentioned in the release log) changes in 1.05

Quote : * Improved clutch for G25/27
* “Thrustmaster”
* Car sorting in garage will be saved
* Restart option after finishing a race
* Corrected taillights on the ’91 Acura NSX
* Improved force feedback on the RedBull X2010
* Improved loading times in the car dealership menu
* Reduced screen tearing incidents
* You can now export all your photos to the XMB at once
* The rev meter in the Mazda RX-7 (FC) ’90 and the gear display in the NSX GT500 were fixed
* Slight shadow improvements
* Sticky bumper physics fixed
* 16 cars on-track in Arcade Mode
* Set-up menu now called “Settings” instead of “Tuning”
* Smoke/spray pixelation around the cars improved
* RE-Amemiya RX-7 sound improved
* Laps, restrictions and other infos are now displayed in the online race browser
* In GT Rally, there are now only two choices for map display – off or fix to track (or maybe it was fix to car). Manually changing the map scale doesn’t make any difference as it now auto-scales depending on your speed
* In online lounge, when browsing the servers, there is a check box for recommended
* In GT Mode > Practice, mechanical damage can now be one of the following: off, light, heavy
* Tach from the Silvia S13 was fixed
* You now get 5 museum cards and 5 paints for your online log-in

free museum cards for online log in were already there before the updates
Quote from speed1230 :free museum cards for online log in were already there before the updates

I know, I don't understand how so many people seem to have missed that....
Same, but the paints sound like a nice touch :P

Good to see the sticky bumpers are gone !
I noticed the clutch on the G27 was slightly less crappy. It seems to want to go into gear more often now.
Quote from speed1230 :free museum cards for online log in were already there before the updates

The cards were, but the paints weren't, you now get both cards and paint
I find it amusing how they improved the sounds...

for one car :hyper:
Quote from Gills4life ::hyper:

I don't often laugh out loud at stuff on the internet, but that really cracked me up.

I find it amazing how they took 6 years to deliver a half-finished product and then hastily try to fix it up within a matter of weeks. What, please tell me what, have they been doing?!?

At least for me however these patches are reinforcing the completely wrong behaviour. I could buy the game right now, grind the hell out of ugly cars and illogical design decisions or hold out on the game, wait for the most anoying things to be patched out and then buy the game at a reduced price.

I think they said originally they had planned to release the game about 8 months after the release of Prologue, but Sony required a number of shitty targets for PD to hit with the full game, which meant they had to take longer in optimising it and pretty much making it much worse than it could have been. I can't remember exactly what they were, or if I am talking any kind of sense. I'm sure I remember reading it on GTPlanet though. I wish Sony would just let them get on with it and decide what is best for the game rather than what is best for their bloody company. :hbomb:

E: Glad to have made you chuckle without the aid of slapstick. Got enough bruises thank you very much
This is a serious wheel - it looks like it will have beefy FFB motors, so it should spin as fast and hard as real wheel when you let go
The DFGT is seriously slow in this regard...

link to the new animation

Gran Turismo 5
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