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Quote from NitroNitrous :So a dish of fries with a couple of meatballs...

All that at IKEA. Don't even wanna know how it tasted.
If I understand right it is very cheap. If the prize is cheap enouh
I accept almost any food and quality hehe
Meatballs with great sauce and Sweden flag = Always Ikea-food...
It's not that bad to be honest.
Ikea hotdogs <3
IKEA has some decent food.
Listen to Phil,as we know that he is fat,usually fat people know a lot about food!

Quote from Eclipsed :Listen to Phil,as we know that he is fat,usually fat people know a lot about food!


Like they say, it takes one to know one
Well,I have gained few kilos since I'm here,in new country,but still,I'm not far away from being so thin that I don't even get wet at rain as no raindrops can hit me...

Damn,I should buy something,otherwise I'm just spamming nonsence here...

While I was around I went to the Asian store and bought 5 packs of these. Thai version though. The real thing (Japanese version) is only avaiable in the capital, and maybe a few other cities, and costs a bit more.

the best futsal boots ever!! very comfortable with perfect grip.
Futsal is brilliant.

So nice.
Apple MacBook Pro 13" Retina (MD212) - £1040.50 (RRP - £1449!)
Apple Thunderbolt Gigabit Ethernet adaptor - £22.50
Apple MagSafe -> MagSafe 2 Adaptor - £8.10
Condolences bro.
crysis 1&2
marlboro xxl x 5

How much are gas hoses these days..
Quote from Bose321 :Yeah agreed, it tasted like pee. Or so I got told by TVE.

How come there allways is some talk about this really retarded people, then at the end or in beginning of sentence it points to TVE?
What it might be I have no clue, because I am too intelligent to do stupid stuff like getting drunk or have one night stands with ugly cows and shemales...

points for getting the car correct
Quote from amp88 :What do I win?

nothing, because I actually thought I should order the harness from there, but I saved about ~25 euros buying it from ebay

Post your Last Purchase!
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